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    Our expectation has always been that cell phones are turned off and put away during the school day. Due to a significant amount of issues related to cell phone use, we will be heavily enforcing this expectation during this final 9 weeks of the school year and assigning consequences as necessary. Parents, please help us to enforce this expectation by speaking with your child. You can support us in the following ways:

    • Speak with your child about the expectations for cell phones and the inappropriateness of using them during school unless directed by a staff member. Some students are making the poor choices of taking pictures, taking videos, sending texts, and posting to social media.

    • We ask that you not text your child during the school day—especially since phones are to be off and put away. We are happy to allow students to check at the end of the day in case there is an important message that they need from you. (You can always feel free to phone the school, and we will relay a message to your child. Likewise your child may use a grade level phone or ask permission to use his/her phone to contact you).

    • If your child does not need his/her cell phone, please have him/her leave it at home.

    Thank you for your partnership as we aim to remain focused on instruction and finish our year strong.

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