• Mission & Vision

  • Our Vision

    Harris Elementary will become a community of learners who are academically successful and productive members of society

    Our Mission

    The mission of Harris Elementary is to utilize research-based strategies and innovative tools to develop critical thinkers and effective
    decision makers

  • Our Beliefs…

    • All students are successful in a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters passion, creativity, and achievement.
    • All educators provide rigorous individualized meaningful instruction using a variety of instructional strategies and resources.
    • Our core business is student learning and all students can achieve high academic growth through data driven instruction
    • Success comes from a strong partnership among stakeholders (parents, teachers, students, staff, and community) to ensurethe diverse academic, social, and emotional needs of the students are met.
    • Teachers and staff lead and flourish in a supportive environment that respects continuous learning and improvement.