• Clubs and Activities

  • Impact Club

    Location: Cafeteria

    Description:  Impact Club is a Club sponsored by Hebron Church.  Children will sing, hear bible stories and participate in bible learning activities.  This club will also be impactful in helping to be better friends and neighbors to those around us.  

    Meeting Times: Wednesdays 3:30-4:45

    Participants: K-5

    Sponsor: Hebron Baptist Church

  • Chorus

    Location: Music Room (4.202)

    Description: This is an auditioned vocal ensemble that consists of 4th and 5th grade students. We sing together each week to prepare for performances throughout the year. There are four performances this year, including the musical in the spring, "The Lion King."

    Participants: 4th-5th Grade

    Meetings: Thursdays, 3:45-4:45

    Sponsors: Ms. Wingo

  • Art Club

    Location: Art Room

    Description: Members will use a variety of media to take their skills to the next level.  Participants and meeting times vary, so, please check Mrs. Powell's eCLASS page for more information.

    Faculty Advisor: Lori Powell

  • Chess Club

    Location: Cafeteria

    Description: Members will learn/review skills involving the game of chess. Information covered will depend on the student’s chess proficiency. Topics covered will range from basic information, like naming the pieces and how they move across the board, through more advanced concepts, like openings and end game strategies. All members will be learning problem-solving skills and practice good sportsmanship.

    Participants: 2nd-5th Grade (Members are grouped by grade level and play against similarly skilled peers.) 

    Meetings: Fridays 7:35-8:20

    Sponsor: Garth Scott and Paul Carey

  • Dacula Leadership Team

    Location: Falcons Nest

    Description: The club focuses on developing student leadership skills. Students are chosen to serve as leaders in the school and volunteer at different events during the year.

    Meetings: Fridays (every other week) from 7:30-8:20

    Participants: 4th and 5th Grade (Teacher Nomination and Application Required)

    Sponsor: Danielle Graff and Bobby Hokett

  • Falcon Friends

    Location: Cafeteria

    Description: Falcon Friends is a community service club of our school where students will participate in service projects on a local, national, and global scale.  Simple acts of kindness are priceless and what an outstanding opportunity your child has to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

    Participants: 2nd-5th Grade

    Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 3:30-4:30

    Sponsor: Tara O'Riley

  • Girls Basketball Club

    Location: Tucker's Gym

    Participants: 3rd- 5th Grade

    Meetings: Mondays 3:45- 5:00 (November- February)

    Sponsor: April Adams

  • Intramurals

    Location: Roberson's Gym

    Description: We will be playing many different sports and games.  The goal is to have fun while we compete against each other.  There is a limit on how many can sign up!

    Meetings: Wednesdays 7:45- 8:20 (February- April)

    Participants: 5th Grade

    Sponsor: Jenell Roberson

  • Jump Rope Club

    Location: Mr. Tuker's Gym

    Description: The Dacula Elementary Jump Rope Team is for students in the third, fourth, and fifth grade. Members of this team will perform during half time of local middle and high school basketball games, college games, PTA functions, and festivals at various schools or communities. I encourage all to come and try out, however, please know that we select students based on their jump rope skills.

    Meetings: Thursdays 7:40-8:20

    Participants: 3rd-5th Grade

    Sponsor: Bob Tucker

  • Math Games Club

    Location: Cafeteria

    The Math Games Club centers on various math and logic games to help students expand their mathematical minds. This includes games such as Witzzle Pro, Blokus, and Mancala. A variety of games will be taught and played. Club members will also be invited to participate in a cluster Witzzle Pro competition in March.

    Meetings: Wednesdays 7:45-8:20 

    Participants: 4th and 5th Grade 

    Sponsor: Kishina Woolfolk

  • Robotics Club

    Location: Lego Lab (Room 4.217)

    Description: 4th and 5thgrade teachers give recommendations in the fall for the club and current team sponsors select top applicants.  The team has been determined for the current school year.

    Participants: 4th-5th Grade

    Meetings: Wednesdays, 3:15-5:00

    Sponsors: Garth Scott, Paul Carey

  • Running Club

    Participants: 2nd-5th Grade

    Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays 3:45-4:30

    Sponsor: Bob Tucker