• Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10         

    Letters to parents explaining the program, as well as the transfer request forms, will be posted on the Gwinnett County Public Schools Special Education website for parents to view and download: Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10       


    Application: Families of Children with Special Needs Reimbursement  

    The Governor’s Office, the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, and the Georgia Department of Education have worked in recent months to determine the best way to help those most severely impacted in a population of over 222,000 students with special needs throughout the state. Ten million dollars has been designated to assist these students with the highest needs for expenses incurred due to school closings during the pandemic.   

    Expenses that have been identified as eligible for reimbursement are those that are necessary to meet the challenges these students face regarding educational achievement, personal development, and emotional wellbeing.  All information related to the application process is included in the link below. 

    Please note that parents are required to submit their child's GTID as a part of the application process. Parents may reach out to their local to schools to obtain this information.  


    Link to application and “Frequently Asked Questions”: https://www.gadoe.org/Pages/SEReimbursementForm.aspx