Become a Peer Tutor - Application and Details

  • The backbone of Academic Intervention (AI) is a strong group of student tutors. 


    Complete this ONLINE FORM AT THIS LINK while signed in to eCLASS. This form is also accessible on the eCLASS landing page; look for the QR code.

    • Even if you have tutored in the past, you must register each academic year to be an official AI tutor.
    • A tutor does not have to be a part of a club, but for students who are, Brookwood will sign on off on hours/points for tutoring.

    Mandatory Tutor Meeting

    Tuesday, August 31, in C28
    Students should come during their lunch period. 
    The meeting will last about 30 minutes and then students will be released to lunch. To be designated as a tutor, a student must attend the meeting. 


    First Day of AI: Thursday, September 23.