Posted January 14, 2022
    If your child received an AAP invitation please do the following:
    • Register and pay $75.00 per AAP class online by January 28, 2022.  
    • You can find the link for AAP at https://www.mypaymentsplus.com/  
    • The course for each class begins on January 31st and ends on March 11th.   
    • Students will access ALL course content online through their eClass page.   
    • Saturday, February 26th is an optional in-person session from 9 am-12 pm at Bay Creek.   
    • Full course refunds will not be issued after January 30th. 
    • A $25.00 refund will be issued if your child earns a passing average of 70% or higher for the AAP course. 
    • Only sign up your child for a maximum of two classes. 
    • Space is limited due to staffing, so do not delay. Once the maximum capacity is reached, the link will close.   


    If you have any questions about Bay Creek Academic Assistance Program, please contact Debbie Trevino at Debbie.Trevino@gcpsk12.org  or call 678-344-7819.