MCHS Advisement - E.D.G.E

  • Engaging learning experiences

    Directed to student interests and needs

    Grounded in practicality 

    Empowering MCHS students to be successful now and in the future

  • Purpose

    High school students are rapidly approaching life beyond the classroom (the edge, if you will). Now, more than ever, functional adults require a diverse set of skills to be safe, productive, and successful.

    MCHS E.D.G.E exists to build meaningful, practical, and impactful learning experiences for students at MCHS, catered to their interests and current grade-level-appropriate needs.


  • Vision

    Through conscientious and intentional planning, MCHS Advisement (E.D.G.E.) will empower students to be capable digital citizens, informed world citizens, and young adults who are prepared for the next steps beyond high school.

  • Goals

    1. Use student feedback to create a structured and intentional plan for Advisement lessons by grade level. 

    2. Create lessons focused on practical skills and knowledge, designed to engage both Advisers and Advisees.