• Parent Liason

  • Maura PinoMaura Pino

    Parent Liaison


    Office Phone: 678-512-6016

    School Phone: 678-957-3050

    Fax: 678-957-3055

    Available Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

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  • What is a Parent Liaison?

    The Parent Liaison is the bridge between parents, the school, and the community. We establish communication and relationships to maintain a mutual understanding with the school, the community, and the home.  We empower parents to become more active in their children's education. 

  • What Ways Can I Help You?

    • Are you new to the school? I can assist with online registration and I can provide a school orientation for new families.
    • Do you need a resource? I can lead you in the right direction and provide resources for new families.
    • Does your family need a referral to a community agency that can help with a specific need your family has? I can provide referrals.
    • I can assist parents with staying informed about academic expectations and student learning opportunities.
    • I can help parents with accessing digital resources, including but not limited to:
      • eCLASS for Digital Learning Day
      • Free/Reduced Lunch Application
      • Parent Portal
    • Call or email me if you need help building a bridge of communication between parents and the school. 
    • I can provide opportunities for workshops for parents. 
    • Do you want to volunteer for school activities? Reach out to me and I can connect you with an upcoming event or need that the school may have. 

    Parental involvement helps children have a more positive attitude towards school and often leads to improved behavior and fewer disciplinary issues. When parents participate in their child's education, it increases a child's self-esteem. Students show an increase in self-confidence and more aspirations and motivation toward their education.

  • Resources

    English Classes For Adults are available in the community. 

    Gwinnett County Public Library* offers English classes in person.

    The Gwinnett County Library also offers citizenship classes.

    English Language Learning Resources

    For more information on program times, location, and event information please visit the Gwinnett County Public Library. 

    *The information is for information purposes. Parson's Elementary does not endorse or recommend it.