• Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program

Georgia's Future Workforce

  • Students in the Work-Based Learning (WBL) program graduate from high school with real-world work experience. They leave high school with an advantage. That might include Office Certifications (Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint), armed with work skills and community service/volunteer experience, a professional resume and career portfolio, interviewing skills, and the ability to make clear, well-thought out decisions about their career aspirations. In addition to work experience, leadership development, and the opportunity to explore career and college options, at least 98% of WBL students (office aides and off-campus) receive multiple college acceptances and attend 2- and 4-year colleges and universitiesOur students have taken HONORS and AP classes. Additionally, each year there are several honor graduates that complete the program. These students also actively participate in our nationally recognized Career and Technical Education Student Associations (DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FEA,Skills USA, and TSA).

    For Employer Information, Student Application and Requirements, and Coordinators at each school, visit GCPS Work-Based Learning

    Meadowcreek HS Coordinator: Ms. Amesha Banks

Work-Based Learning Information

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a work-study program, which will enable you to EARN MONEY, RECEIVE SCHOOL CREDIT, and GAIN VALUABLE WORK EXPERIENCE

    In addition, students enrolled in the WBL program may earn up to 3 units of credit with a related course for the school year, which may be used toward upgrading to a dual diploma.

    Student Application and Requirements can also be found on the GCPS Work-Based Learning page


    • Open to Juniors and Seniors only (Must be 16 years of age by September 1st.)
    • Students must apply through an application process.
    • Grades, attendance, and discipline are reviewed to ensure that we have the best student applicants to present to employers.
    • Coursework related to your career choice is required. For apprenticeships, students are required to have a postsecondary plan that follows related coursework and a workplace opportunity that matches as closely as possible to the student’s academic and career goals.
    • Students must actively participate in the job search and interviewing process and cannot be guaranteed a job by the program coordinator.
    • Students should not have a placement in a home office or private residence of any kind as they do not meet the placement criteria laid out in the Work Based Learning Handbook.
    • All forms should be reviewed, completed, and submitted to the Work-Based Coordinator at your local school for final approval to the program.
    • You will be allowed to upload the forms in the WBL class online when the semester starts.
    • Review the Child Labor and Employer Safety Guidelines.



    Based upon local school requirements, students may:

    • Be required to attend class the first few weeks of each semester.
    • Not be permitted to leave school until all required paperwork is received by the site coordinator.
    • Be dropped from the course if the required paperwork is not submitted within two weeks.

    For more information, visit GCPS Work-Based Learning

    See Ms. Amesha Banks for pre-registration documents.