• Media Center

    New adventures are waiting for you in the Nesbit media center. READING and LEARNING is our main focus! Through storytimes, booktalks and exploration of quality books, children are encouraged to find their old favorite stories and discover new ones. Research is taught, practiced, and displayed to open new doors and learn about the past using the WISE model (Wonder, Investigate, Synthesize, and Express). Gwinnett County provides access to quality research and knowledge databases to foster technology use. Our mission is to inspire the reader in everyone while providing the tools needed to succeed in a technological world.

    We strive to create and maintain a media program that supports our teachers, students, and learning community by providing access to information and encouraging life-long learning. We will promote literacy and critical thinking by providing a media program and resources that support student and teacher success. In this site you will find various resources and information about programs in the Media Center. Please stop by the Media Center if you need our assistance.