Anti-Bullying Information

  • During the first week of school, all grade levels, except for kindergarten, meet in the cafeteria for the beginning of the year talk about The Mason Way (the kindergarten talk takes place in the classrooms).  The principal, assistant principals, school resource officer, and the school counselors discuss the Mason Expectations - Being RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY in their various locations.  For example, being Respectful in the Hallway means to respect the learning environment of others.  Being Responsible in the cafeteria means to raise your hand for help and clean up your area, and when you remain seated and are facing forward on the bus, you are being Ready.  For each class that is seen following the Mason Way, they may receive a LION PAW, which will be collected and tallied for an incentive at the end of the month.  The class in each grade level with the highest number of LION PAWS will receive a certificate and a special reward such as ice cream, extra recess, etc.  Officer Findura also shared that she has special wooden coins that all resource officers give out to schools in the cluster.  If she gives one of those to a student for following the Mason Way, his/her class will receive two LION PAWS for their classroom total.  There are also double paw Fridays!

    The school counselors discuss the definition of bullying.  Bullying behavior is aggressive, repeated, and has an imbalance of power.  If it is a true bullying situation, the assitant principals will address it and administer the appropriate consequence(s) following the GCPS Discipline Policy and Procedures.  If the situation is a conflict, the school counselors will work with the student(s) to solve the conflict.  It is important for students to let an adult know if they feel they are being bullied here at Mason E.S.

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