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Memorie Reesman

Seckinger High Principal

  • Dear Valued Seckinger High School Students and Families,

    Warm greetings as we step into the exciting new academic year of 2023-2024! We're looking forward to our second year as a school community, building on our first year's experiences to make this one even more special. Together, we have the chance to strengthen and expand The Seckinger Standard – our collective identity built on kindness, inclusivity, rigorous learning experiences, and participation.

    In today's dynamic world, the landscape is continuously evolving, and significantly influenced by emerging technologies. At SKG, we are committed to preparing our students for this exciting future. Our focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a testament to this commitment. Recognizing the transformative role of AI in various industries, we offer all students the opportunity to delve into AI at a depth that matches their curiosity and interest. Whether it's a mild fascination or a potential career path, our school provides a nurturing environment where students can confidently navigate AI and emerge as capable leaders ready to shape the future.

    Fostering relationships is a key part of our ethos. We want to encourage you and your family to connect with our teachers and staff as we kick off the new school year. To help facilitate this, we're hosting an Open House on Thursday, July 27, where you'll be able to gather all the information necessary for a smooth start to the school year, on Wednesday, August 2.

    The traditions you, as the classes of 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027, build during your time here will leave a legacy on our community. I'm thrilled to see what this year brings!

    With warm regards,

    Memorie Reesman


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  • Where is Seckinger High School located?

    Seckinger High School (SHS) is located at 3655 Sardis Church Road in Buford.

  • Can you describe the student experience at SKG?

    Seckinger High School offers a collegiate learning atmosphere in which students can excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. Our students choose an area of concentration for their high school learning experience within three broad areas—advanced science and technology, business and leadership, and art and design—or they can choose a more personalized high school course of study.

  • Does Seckinger offer athletics?

    Yes. Seckinger offers a full athletics program. In addition, students are able to participate in extracurricular activities, fine arts, student associations, leadership opportunities, service organizations, and more.

  • I’ve heard that Seckinger is part of a “theme” cluster. What does that mean?

    The school district has a few theme schools, but imagine the possibilities if you expanded a theme beyond one school or one level, providing a K–12 focus on a theme! That is exactly what is happening in the new Seckinger Cluster, anchored by Seckinger High School. At high school, students are able to choose areas of focus within schools of study that focus on the humanities, international business, and advanced sciences and technology (with a focus on artificial intelligence, also called AI). Seckinger Cluster elementary schools and the middle school are preparing students for their high school experience by introducing AI and future-ready skills. Because of the cluster-wide, students are on a K–12 journey that focuses on preparing them to be globally prepared and competitive in a rapidly evolving, technology-rich world.

  • Why the focus on Artificial Intelligence?

    Today’s students are graduating into an ever-changing work landscape that harnesses emerging technologies. Seckinger High School and the focus on AI ensures that students are prepared for what’s ahead. Seckinger offers all students an opportunity to explore AI at levels to suit their level of interest.

  • Who attends Seckinger High School?

    The Gwinnett County Board of Education approved the attendance boundaries for Seckinger High School on Nov. 19, 2020. The approved changes created the new Seckinger High School Cluster by reassigning three existing elementary schools (Harmony, Ivy Creek, and Patrick) and Jones Middle School to form the feeder pattern for Seckinger High School. Residences that lie within these attendance boundaries are reassigned to the new Seckinger High School, beginning in August of 2022. Most students in the new cluster are coming from the Mill Creek Cluster, with some students from the Mountain View Cluster.

    Redistricting/Reassignment Update

  • Are there special features to the SKG campus?

    With a building capacity of 2,800, our campus includes expanded technology and engineering labs; three large lecture halls with adjoining labs and classroom space; collaboration rooms and spaces throughout the building; expanded art classrooms and graphic design lab; band, orchestra, chorus rooms, and MIDI lab; theatre and dance studio; and gymnasiums, athletic fields, and a stadium.

  • What are the school colors and mascot?

    Yes. As the hub of the district’s first theme cluster, Seckinger’s focus on artificial intelligence is uncommon… just like the black jaguar that represents our school. Feedback gathered during community focus groups guided the selection of the school colors—Pantone 312C Blue, Pantone 421 Gray, Pantone 423 Gray, and Pantone Black 6—and the jaguar as the mascot. Ironically, the jaguar was first selected as a symbol for a school in the new Seckinger Cluster in 2004 when Jones Middle School opened with the jaguar as its initial mascot. Seventeen years later, this rare, fierce animal was selected by focus group participants to represent the high school that will serve Jones Middle School students starting next school year. In addition to Jones, the other schools in the Seckinger Cluster are Harmony, Ivy Creek, and Patrick elementary schools.

Seckinger High School Fact Sheet

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