GIVE West T-Shirt
  • GIVE Center West T-Shirts are sold in Parent Center and can be worn in place of the white collared shirt. 

    Long Sleeves $20

    Short Sleeves $15

    Cash or check only

  • GIVE Center West Dress Code

    Students must be in dress code in order to attend class. 

    1. Masks are encouraged. Masks should not have inappropriate or disruptive markings or language.
    2. Students must wear appropriate fitting, uniform-style black or khaki-colored pants with belt loops (no cargo, stretch/form-fitting, capris, joggers, jeans); all pockets must be able to be turned inside out for search; no elastic waists or pant legs.
    3. Shirts must be solid white or black with a collar.  Students are allowed to wear GIVE West T-shirts.
    4. Only solid white or black undershirts can be worn.
    5. Students must have a belt (black/brown only).
    6. No colored or large emblems (quarter-sized or smaller) on shirts/jackets.
    7. Solid black or white jackets/sweatshirts only. Lining must be neutral color (black, white, gray, and tan).
    8. Solid black shoes or sneakers only. No flip-flops/sandals/ boots. No logos or designs on shoes. Bottom of shoes and shoestrings should be a neutral color (black, white, gray, tan).
    9. The portion of socks uncovered by shoe must be solid black/white only. Both socks must be the same color.
    10. No shorts/pants under uniform pants.
    11. No distracting or extreme hairstyles.
    12. Headbands/hair ties must be solid black/white and may be no wider than 1 inch. They must be worn in the hair. No other hair accessories are allowed.
    13. Combs, picks, or hairbrushes are not allowed.
    14. Solid black/white knit hats with no logos may be worn.
    15. No jewelry (a small black or white watch is allowed).
    16. No inappropriate or disruptive tattoos; inappropriate tattoos must be covered.
    17. No color on fingernails. Clear polish/white tips are allowed. Nail length should not extend more than 1/8 inch over fingertip.
    18. Light black/brown mascara, clear lip gloss, and light foundation only. Makeup may not be carried onto campus.
    19. No lanyards. Keys must be on a single ring and kept in pocket.
    20. Solid black/white binders only (no inappropriate pictures or drawings).
    21. A small black or white purse is allowed.
    22. Students may not have more than $10 in their possession.
    23. Students can only use pencils. No mechanical pencils allowed.
    24. No cell phones/electronics or headphones.
    25. No outside food or drinks. Only sealed bottled water is permitted.
    26. No extra clothing for after-school.
    27. Prohibited items will be collected and released to parents.
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