Britt Elementary Core Values

  • Vision Statement

    W. C. Britt Elementary School, in partnership with parents and the community, will be a world-class school where students acquire the academic knowledge, skills, and behavior to be successful as they continue their education.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of W. C. Britt Elementary School is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards. In order to achieve our mission, students, educators, and families of W.C. Britt Elementary will work together to establish a positive, nurturing, and safe learning environment. 

    School Beliefs Inventory

    • Student learning is the chief priority for the school. 
    • Students' learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school. 
    • A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning. 
    • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. 
    • Exceptional students (e.g., special education, limited English proficient, talented and gifted, etc.) require special services and procedures. 
    • A student's self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff. 
    • Students need to not only demonstrate their understanding of essential knowledge and skills, but also need to be actively involved in solving problems and producing quality work. 
    • Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learn. All students can learn. 
    • Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and the Community share the responsibility for advancing the school's mission. 
    • Parents, Teachers, and Students are responsible for the academic success of each student. 
    • Schools need to function as a learning organization and promote opportunities for all those who have a stake in the success of the school to work together as a community of learners. 
    • Challenging expectations increase individual student performance. 
    • Students learn to make appropriate decisions given a supportive and challenging learning environment. 
    • Assessments of student learning should provide students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement of the expectations for their learning. 
    • Cultural diversity can increase students' understanding of different peoples and cultures. 
    • The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners. 

    Statement of Philosophy

    The philosophy of Britt Elementary School, in partnership with parents, students, and the community, is to foster the academic, emotional, and social growth of each student by providing a safe learning environment. Our basic purpose is to equip students with the academic and social skills that will help them develop into lifelong learners and responsible decision makers.

    We believe all students as individuals can learn and should be given opportunities to develop to their full potential in an environment conducive to the attainment of academic experience, and we believe a developmentally appropriate curriculum is necessary for students to develop essential academic skills and problem-solving ability. 

    We believe our staff is committed to the education of all children. Each member of the staff strives to prepare each student for a productive role in society.

    We believe that through the parent-educator-learner partnership, we all share in the responsibility for developing excellence at Britt Elementary School. We must jointly plan and work cooperatively to provide the best possible education for our children.