• SENIORS / Class of 2023

  • Dear Class of 2023 and Family:

    The final year of high school for seniors is finally here! Graduation dates will be released and communicated second semester. Stay tuned for more information about senior events as the year goes on.

    We look forward to a successful year for our Class of 2023!


    Ms. Alex Kesler


  • Cap & Gown Orders

    Scholastic Images will be at DHS during all lunches once a month to take cash and check orders for senior dues. The cost of cap and gown is included in senior dues. Dues may also be paid online on www.scholasticimagesinc.com

    Senior dues are required to participate in all senior events, including the graduation ceremony.

  • Graduation Parking Information

    Graduation Parking Map for STUDENTS

    map for students

    Graduation Parking Map for PARENTS

    parents parking info

  • Graduation, Graduation Practice, and Graduation Attire

    Graduation will be at 7:30pm in the Gas South Arena on Saturday, May 27, 2022.

    Graduation Day Details

    • Students should park in the location shown in the maps above. Once they park, they will be directed towards which door to enter. Students must arrive at the arena at 5:30 PM. They cannot be late. Please have them account for traffic.
    • Doors open to guests no later than 6:30 PM. The ceremony will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.
    • All students and guests will process through metal detectors. There is also a CLEAR BAG POLICY for guests. The arena also prohibits several items. 
    • After the Ceremony: Guests are not allowed on the arena floor after the ceremony. Students will exit the way they came in and meet you out front. In the past, the arena has had signs corresponding to last name for meet ups. 
    • Live Stream InformationThe ceremony will be live streamed at the following link https://www.youtube.com/@gassouthdistrict
    • List of items banned by the Arena: The arena has a list of banned materials that they are very serious about. They also do not allow balloons. Here is a more extensive list of spectator items banned from the arena:
      • Weapons
      • Electronic devices larger than a cell phone (e.g., laptops, iPads, or other tablets)
      • Video cameras, including GoPro cameras and audio recording devices.
      • Selfie-sticks
      • Signs on sticks or oversized signs
      • Coolers or outside food and beverage
      • Smoking of any kind, including but not limited to tobacco, vapor, or e-cigarettes
      • Illegal drugs
      • Laser pointers
      • Mace or pepper spray
      • Spiked or studded jewelry
      • Full facial coverings, like full Halloween style masks
      • Apparel with explicit wording or pictures
      • Crowd Surfing
      • Hoverboards - (there has to be a story associated with this one)
      • Balloons
      • Stickers
      • Umbrellas
      • Strollers
      • Animals other than service animals

    Graduation Day Attire

    • Remove the gown from its individual package as soon as received. Hang on a hanger; most of the wrinkles will fall out. TRY IT ON! 
    • If you must press the gown, BE CAREFUL. Use a COOL iron; if you use a hot iron, the gown will disintegrate.   
    • Students who are not appropriately dressed will not march. 
    • Gentlemen: Solid black pants and shoes. No glitter or embellishments. Shirts must be button front with a collar. Ties are not necessary, but they look nice under the robe. Do not wear a suit jacket.
    • Ladies: Dresses may be any color, so long as they are above the bottom of the gown. Slacks or dresses that hang below the gown must be solid black. Shoes must be solid black without embellishments. Small buckles at the ankle are fine, large colorful bows, jewels or designs with a contrasting color like a cork heel are not. We seriously recommend little ballet flats. We're standing in the tunnels for an hour before the ceremony and this year students need to walk up and down a ramp as well as around the entire bowl of the arena. Heels will make this very difficult. Family in the stands can carry the cute shoes that can be changed into later for pictures. 
    • Remember: Students cannot decorate caps and the only stoles or cords that can be worn are those issued by the school and county.  Custom or cultural stoles may not be worn during the ceremony, but parents may hold them in the stands and give them to students after the ceremony if you'd like to use them for pictures.
    • Students may not enter the arena with any personal items besides the key needed to re-enter their car. Please pull it off the key ring/lanyard. Wallets, phones and purses must be left in the vehicle. Diabetic crash bags are an exception; however please notify Ms. Kesler ahead of time. 

    Graduation Name Pronunciation

    Seniors, do you want your name pronounced correctly at graduation? Please complete the flip grid link below.

    Graduation Practice

    Friday, May 26 7:30 AM

    The MANDATORY graduation practice for all May graduates will be Friday, May 26 at 7:30 AM here at DHS. Students should NOT wear their caps and gowns to practice. Signs in the commons will direct them where to go by their last name. 

    Graduation Tickets

    At the end of graduation practice, students will receive their 14 tickets to the graduation ceremony. There are no additional tickets available through the school, but you can communicate with the parents of other students to see if they have any extra. All tickets are general admission. We suggest you hold the tickets, meet up with your guests at the arena and then distribute them. Your student does not need a ticket. Children under 2, so long as they are in arms, do not need a ticket. There is handicapped seating, but it is on a first come basis. One person may sit with the disabled.

  • Senior Dues

    Senior dues are $160. Dues may be paid online at www.scholasticimages.com

    Students who pay BY Feb 28 get a free t-shirt. Dues will go up March 1.

    Seniors who have not paid dues by the Friday before exams will not participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Senior dues cover the senior dinner, activities during senior week, cap and gown, and rental fees associated with graduation. Senior dues DO NOT cover prom.

  • Senior Information Contact Info

    • Questions on senior activities—Alex.Kesler@gcpsk12.org
    • Senior portraits, yearbooks, and yearbook senior ads – jaime.poole@gcpsk12.org
    • Update email or mailing address—please call the school to get additional information
    • TELEPHONE—Dacula High School 770-963-6664