• Dacula High School Parking


    To receive a parking permit and official decal, students must meet the following requirements:

    Once you fill out the online application completely and accurately AND purchase the parking fee on My Payments Plus, you will...

    • Come see Ms. Ragan in the Main Office.
      • Bring proof of My Payments Plus receipt.
      • If you did NOT submit a copy of your license and insurance card on the online application then make sure you bring those for Ms. Ragan to copy.
      • If you are a dual enrollment or Work Study student wishing to park in the Football Stadium lot, please have a copy of your schedule on hand.
    • After all these things are done, you will receive your permit number and decal, and then sign in person that you have...
      • received your decal,
      • understand and agree to all the expectations and regulations as presented in the online application,
      • and that you will place the decal on your vehicle in the proper location within 24 hours of receiving your decal.

    • All students should plan to have their application complete and parking fee paid by Wednesday, August 10.
    • Students who have correctly completed all parts of the application process will pick up their decal during their lunch on Wednesday, August 10.
    • Until receiving their decal, all students should park at Dacula Park or at the DHS Baseball/Softball field lots.

    For questions about the parking permit process, please contact Nicole Ragan or Byron Wilson.


    For additional resources, you may also visit:


    Since bus transportation is provided for all students, students who choose to drive to school do so at their own risk. Parking permits will be available to a limited number of students. School personnel have the authority to regulate the operation of motor vehicles on school property and property used by the school with permission of the owner. Car trouble is considered unexcused for attendance reasons. Students and parents should read the parking application and agreement carefully before signing. Here are a few reminders about student parking at DHS:

    • Students may only park in designated areas. Vehicles that do not display a proper pass will be towed/impounded at the owner's expense.
    • Parking is a privilege and any violation of the rules may result in the revocation of a student’s parking permit, including but not limited to parking fines, towing of vehicle, extensive tardies/AWOLS, or any other disciplinary measures.
    • If a student is in poor academic standing, this may also result in the loss of parking privileges.
    • If a parking permit is revoked, a refund will be NOT be issued.
    • Dacula High School reserves the right to either deny or cancel any student’s parking privilege.