• Advanced Placement


    Advanced Placement courses are college-level classes taught at PRHS by PRHS teachers with additional training and certification.  Research has shown that students who participate in AP courses outperform others in college, particularly in grades and graduation rates. PRHS believes that all students deserve access to the rigor of advanced coursework and can be successful with the appropriate support.

    Advanced Placement coursework requires students to complete in-depth reading and writing assignments; research and study outside of class time to analyze the material covered in the course; to work independently and push him/herself academically and intellectually; and to engage in the study of subject matter beyond just learning facts –focusing on the analysis and the synthesis of material.

  • AP Teachers

    Business Education

    • Kianna Davis

    Fine Arts

    • Hope Steele
    • Cynthia Worley

    Modern & Classical Languages

    • Selma Hujdur
    • Melanie Hutsell
    • Adrienne Riley
    • Amber Stallings
    • Selena Ye

    Language Arts

    • Matt Davis
    • Debbie McAfee
    • Amber Stallings


    • Karen Purcell
    • Alyssa Russo
    • Ann Rodgers
    • Mary Wisniewsky 


    • Michael Crawford
    • Michael Fusia
    • Tygier Graham
    • Laura Kohnke
    • Kristen McClanahan
    • Patrick McClanahan
    • Janna McCrary
    • Yancey Miller
    • Corey Wellmaker

    Social Studies

    • Matt Adams
    • Steven Brunswick
    • Erica Bowersox
    • Deron Cash
    • Shannon Costello
    • Nelson Dean
    • Lacey Jean-Pierre
    • Bill McAuliffe
    • Andy Pasarilla
    • Carrie Petty
    • Daniel Pulliam
    • Katie Raby
    • Amy Wildey