To the Parents and Students of the Career and Technical Education Department at Meadowcreek High School, we are a department of professionals whose goal is to prepare our students for the work place of tomorrow.  Towards that end, we expose students to a variety of experiences that encompass not only technical skills but also, marry those skills to soft skills such as ethics, dependability, and loyalty that builds the workforce for our future. Additionally, we are concerned with collaborating with core coursework to build the skills necessary to be successful in all classes, on all assessments, and in whatever endeavor a student plans to pursue after leaving this institution.  We pledge to do our part to give each student a high level, rigorous experience in exploring career pathways in an industry certified program.  It is our intention to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and to help each student move towards a goal of professional representation with communication and written skills that will enable them to positively present themselves in any professional or educational environment.

    We ask that students come prepared to be fully engaged in class and the work we will do together.  Parents can support these efforts by making sure students are present each and every day, and that students come prepared to work and learn.  Our classes require that students are active:  reading, writing, speaking, and thinking daily.  We ask that parents encourage their students to explore web based resources each evening and weekend (and across each break) to reinforce the work we are doing in the classroom.

    As Career and Technical Education teachers, we are excited to share our professional and educational experiences with each student who becomes a part of the Meadowcreek family and look forward to the work we will do together to help each student become more successful in reaching their future goals in their educational pursuits and beyond.  Please do not hesitate to contact any teacher if there is ever any question how we can better help a student achieve his or her literacy goals.


    Visit the GA DOE website for Pathway Details


    The mission statement and program philosophy for the Business Education Program at Meadowcreek High School is to promote and support an innovative educational environment where students can acquire knowledge and skills that will help them become productive citizens in the community and contribute to be life-long learners.



    With GCPS’ Technical Education, students can:
    • Earn college credit
    • Earn industry certifications
    • Experience real-world application of your skills
    • Participate in competitions and community service
    • Gain critical soft skills
    • Develop a portfolio of your work
    • Explore exciting careers via internships and apprenticeships



    • To have students read, write, communicate, and critically think daily
    • To offer students daily immersion in technical terminology that supports vocabulary development
    • To provide students with targeted, rigorous instructional activities
    • To employ various content resources
    • To engage students with project-based activities that build research and analysis skills
    • To support student’s growth as learners and users of technology-based software and professional standards

  • AP Computer Science

    • Introduction to Digital Technology 
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science 

  • Architectural Drawing and Design

    • Introduction to Drafting and Design 
    • Architectural Drawing and Design I
    • Architectural Drawing and Design II

  • Audio-Video Technology and Film I

    • Audio and Video Technology and Film 
    • Audio-Video Technology and Film II 
    • Audio-Video Technology and Film III

  • Business and Technology

    • Introduction to Business and Technology
    • Business and Technology 
    • Business Communications 

  • Computer Science

    • Introduction to Digital Technology
    • Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science (Contact College Board for standards)

  • Corrections Services

    • Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security 
    • Criminal Justice Essentials 
    • Applications of Corrections 

  • Culinary Arts

    • Introduction to Culinary Arts 
    • Culinary Arts I
    • Culinary Arts II 

  • Early Childhood Care and Education I

    • Early Childhood Education I
    • Early Childhood Education II
    • Early Childhood Education III

  • Engineering Drafting and Design

    • Introduction to Drafting and Design 
    • Survey of Engineering Graphics 
    • 3D Modeling and Analysis 

  • Entrepreneurship

    • Introduction to Business and Technology 
    • Legal Environment of Business 
    • Entrepreneurship 

  • Financial Services

    • Introduction to Business and Technology
    • Financial Literacy 
    • Banking, Investing and Insurance 

  • Game Design

    • Introduction to Digital Technology
    • Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science Principles
    • Game Design: Animation and Simulation

  • Graphic Design

    • Introduction to Graphics and Design 
    • Graphic Design and Production 
    • Advanced Graphic Design 


    • JROTC-AF Leadership 100
    • JROTC-AF Leadership 200
    • JROTC-AF Leadership 300
    • JROTC-AF Leadership 400

  • Manufacturing

    • Foundations of Manufacturing and Materials Science 
    • Robotics and Automated Systems
    • Production Enterprises

CTE Assistant Principal

  • Career & Technical Education Assistant Principal
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CTE Department Chair

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