Welcome to Health and Physical Education at Meadowcreek High School! Health and Physical Education is a lifelong process and the shared responsibility of the student, home, and community.  The health and physical education program at Meadowcreek High School provides each student with the information and skills necessary to be active and healthy.  Students have opportunities to practice and apply academic skills and knowledge learned.  Through these programs, students are provided a foundation to be healthy and ready to participate in the total school program. Students will develop an understanding for the importance of making lifetime healthy choices. We ask that our students come prepared to learn, and wear safe and appropriate fitness attire while participating in all fitness activities. Our teachers are excited to share their love for health and physical fitness!


    Health and Physical Education department at Meadowcreek High School is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make decisions, become advocates of healthy living, and choose healthy behaviors for life. Our teachers provide research-based instructional practices coupled with a planned sequential curriculum implementing vocabulary and literacy development in health and physical education throughout the school year as necessary to nurture the development of a lifestyle that fosters and exemplifies good health and supports learning.


    All students will acquire the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for Health and Physical Education necessary to be good stewards of their health and wellness now and in the future. The AKS embrace the State and National Health and Physical Educational standards and have been reviewed and validated by our educators and our community as an essential curriculum for Gwinnett County students.

  • Physical Education Courses

    Introduction to Team Sports

    Introduction to GST Tumbling

    Personal Fitness

    Physical Conditioning

    Body Sculpting

    Weight Training

    Advanced Body Sculpting

    Advanced Weight Training

  • Health Courses


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