Social studies, what we do the rest of our lives! Here at Meadowcreek, we have no choice but to be culturally aware and sensitive.  We build a sense of community within our classrooms that generate the highest levels of thinking and problem-solving.  We discuss everything from today’s economy to the origins of our diverse ethnicities.  What were some of the most memorable events in history?  What were the common, everyday people doing at these times? How does it all affect our lives today? What does the future hold?  These are the thought-provoking foundations of our daily discussions. Please feel free to reach out to the dynamic teachers who are responsible for your child’s education through email, phone or, better yet, face to face!  We are passionate about what we do and know that a parent or guardian’s investment in a young person’s education can make all the difference in the world.  Please help us to encourage our students, your children, to come to school every day and to become engaged in the learning process.  Also, we encourage you to use the parent portals to stay abreast of your child’s status in each and every class. The Meadowcreek family is strong and social studies is at the heart of it all. Thank you and we are looking forward to working with you.

  • Mission

    The Social Studies Department at Meadowcreek is driven to deliver the highest levels of instruction.  We are continually refining our skills and craft to provide students with a mix of cutting-edge instruction as well as tried and true strategies.  Our teachers provide clear, meaningful, research-based instruction to students of various learning abilities.  We are capable of eliciting emotions through complex text, video, and lecture which are responsible for lasting student connections and lifelong learning.


    It is the commitment of the Social Studies Department to ensure that all students are prepared to enter society well informed and capable of navigating the complexities of the modern world.  Students are challenged to solve problems through deciphering the past, analyzing the present and predicting the future on a daily basis.  Students are also prepared to succeed on high stakes testing which will bode well for them either entering college or processing information in the workplace.

  • History Courses

    U.S. History

    World History

    AP European History

    AP U.S. History

    AP World History

    Dual Enrollment History

  • Political Systems & Economics

    Political Systems


    AP Macroeconomics

    AP Microeconomics

  • Other Social Studies Courses

    AP Psychology

    AP U.S. Government & Politics

Social Studies Assistant Principal

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Social Studies Department Chair

  • Social Studies Department Chair
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