Rising 9th Grade Scholars,

    Please preview the information on this page. We look forward to you becoming a Mighty and Proud Meadowcreek Mustang!


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    Creek Nine Academy    School of International Business    School of Public Leadership    School of S.T.E.M.

  • Structured Guidance

    The Schools of Meadowcreek U will function and operate as part of the larger whole, Meadowcreek High School. Students must adhere to the rules and regulations which govern Meadowcreek High School.

    Each school will have a leadership team comprised of a(n):

    • Administrator
    • Counselor
    • Lead Teacher

    These individuals will work together, along with the teachers, to ensure that the instructional and learning experiences for all students are rigorous and filled with career relevance and meet the academic expectations of the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

  • Academic Support

    Collaboration is one of the guiding principles of Meadowcreek High School. Teachers will collaborate with teachers in other content areas to plan instructional activities that prepare students with knowledge and practical application skills related to the respective careers (majors) within each Meadowcreek U school. Teachers will also, plan interdisciplinary career-specific projects that challenge students to apply the knowledge they have acquired and to demonstrate what they have learned through relevant projects and presentations.

    The collaborative teacher teams will also share student data and implement strategies within each school to ensure that all students are successful in the academic process. Rather than planning based on content area alone, teachers (core content area teachers along with career pathway teachers) will work together for the good of all students. Making certain that all students are college and career ready is the goal.

  • Community Relations

    Meadowcreek U is going to transform the local community as well as its students. Community partners including area businesses, agencies, organizations, and colleges/universities will become intricate components in the life of Meadowcreek U. These community partners have so much to offer as experts in their respective fields. The contributions of time, support, and resources that the community will provide through this endeavor will prove to be invaluable in the overall academic experience for our students, helping to establish stronger community relationships and making learning and instruction more relevant. 

  • Activities

    Meadowcreek U will increase student engagement and interest in learning. Below is a list of things that will be made available to students through their respective Meadowcreek U schools:

    • Field Trips
    • Competitive Events
    • College/University Visits
    • Motivational Speakers
    • Job Shadowing
    • Internships
    • Entrepreneurial Development
    • College and Career Planning Workshops
    • Career Fairs