• Student Dropoff and Pickup

  • For the safety of your student and others, there should NEVER be a student picked up or dropped off in the middle or side of the roads surrounding North. The entrance to Theater/Gym parking lot off of Suwanee Dam Road is for employee parking only. For student safety reasons, NO other vehicles are permitted in that parking lot between 6:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

    After 2:30 p.m., students who are not supervised by a teacher and/or coach after school must wait for their rides at the front of the school only.

    DROP OFF in the morning

    There is no drop off in any of our parking lots - student or staff.

    Student drop off is located in the front circle off Level Creek Road with a right turn only out of the front circle area. Form 2 lines for drop off. Those arriving going south on Level Creek should turn right into the drive and form a lane on the school side of the drive. Those traveling north on Level Creek should turn left into the drive and be in lane on the parking side of the circle. When traffic naturally stops let your student exit the car.

    PICK UP 2:10

    Parent pick up is located in the student parking lot off Level Creek Road. To pick up your student pull into the lot take an immediate right, do not park in the first two rows and

    1. Follow the perimeter of the lot until you reach the pick-up line where you wait for your student to come to you OR
    2. After the right turn go past the first 2 rows and find a parking place where you wait for your student. OR
    3. If your student is in the waiting area by the softball field stop, pick them up, proceed around to the middle isle and exit

    After 2:30: Students may be picked up in the front circle. Please enter and form 2 lines (if needed) with an exit lane in between.
    Visitor parking spots are not for after school student pick up. Reserved parking places are for designated persons only.

    Thank you in advance for following the directions of NGHS Staff when coming to or being on campus.