• Welcome to your Media Center

  • Our Media Center provides Discovery students with the opportunity to become effective and efficient users of information and lifelong learners.  We support the curriculum of our school by developing a collection that implements literacy instruction for students and encourages a love of reading and of libraries.  Our goal is to provide a warm, caring , welcoming, supportive environment for all faculty, staff, students, family members and community members.

    Please let us know how our media staff can help you.

  • Meet the Staff

    Lisa Stanton, Library Media Specialist

    Lisa Stanton@gcpsk12.org


    Mrs. Stanton has been serving as the Media Specialist at Discovery since 2023.

    Ansley Folds, Media Clerk



    Ms. Foldshas been serving as the Media Specialist at Discovery since 2022.

  • Hours and Contact

    Hours: Monday thru Thursday 6:45-2:40 and Friday 6:45-2:10

    Mrs. Stanton 


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get my eClass/network password reset?

    Any teacher who actually has you in class is able to reset your password through the portal. Once re-set, wait 15 minutes. 

    How many books can I check out?

    Five books and you can keep them for three weeks.

    How much are late fees?

    For every school day that a book is overdue, the system charges 10 cents a day.  Please keep up with your due dates and bring your book back to renew or return so you do not continue to accrue fines.  We will stamp the back of your books with your due dates, and we suggest that you put a reminder on your phone to bring them back on time to avoid late fees.

    How do I pay for late fees?

    You can bring cash into the media center or pay online through MyPaymentsPlus  The book needs to be returned before the fine is assessed.  If you lose a book, you will be charged a $20.00 replacement fee for a hardcover book or a $10.00 replacement fee for a paperback book.

    How much is printing in the Media Center?

    Printing is available in the Media Center.  Black and white prints are 10 cents a page and color prints are 25 cents a page.

    Do I need a pass to come to the Media Center?

    Yes, you just need a red pass signed by your teacher and then you will need to check in at our circulation desk. If you do visit the media center during class time, we ask that you work on something for your classes.  

    Are food and drinks allowed?

    No, food and drinks are not allowed in the media center.  All water bottles or other drinks should be kept in student book bags.

    Can I use my cell phone?

    We ask that students not make phone calls in the media center. If you need to make a call, please step right outside the media center.  Please be respectful of others while listening to music or videos.  We should not be able to hear what is on your phone.  Staff may ask students to leave if phone use is disruptive to others. Unfortunately, we can no longer allow students to charge their phones while at school.




  • Services

    We provide the following services for teachers and students:

    10,000 print resources plus access to ebooks and an extensive Online Research Library

    30 Networked Computers

    Black and white printer, color printer, copy machine, scanner and laminating for teachers

    Two teaching areas are available for reservation by contacting the media center staff.

    For teachers: laminating machine, professional library of print resources, digital cameras, document cameras and poster printing.