• Cynthia Lewis is an ESOL Teacher at Parsons Elementary.

    Congratulations Mrs. Lewis for being selected as the 2022-2023 PES Teacher of the Year!

    Cynthia was the first ESOL cluster teacher at Parsons. She works diligently to create positive relationships with our stake holders, including increased access to translators. She has led professional development for teachers of English Language Learningers, and has has worked to increase ESOL-certified teacher capacity to 50 percent at Parsons. Mrs. Lewis started an Imagine Learning Club for extra support for lower performing English Learners. She holds various roles within the school such as: Readers Rally Coach, Saturday Intervention Director, United Way Campaign Manager, School Council member, School Counseling Advisory Council member, Spelling Bee pronouncer, teacher mentor, former Student Council leader. 

    "I believe that every student has strengths that should be nourished and developed. School can be intimidating and even deflating when students compare themselves to others, but when they are made aware of their strengths, it builds confidence. My personal philosophy is that school should be a place where students are allowed to practice and make mistakes as they learn new skills. A climate of trust is critical where each student knows that the teacher has the student’s best interest at heart. Strengths are celebrated, and I encourage students to help each other, not compete against each other. I truly am in awe at how students are able to learn another language so quickly, and I constantly express that to my classes. 

    In my classroom, my goal is to be approachable. I share personal things and show vulnerability by admitting it when I do not know something. We often look for the answer together. We laugh a lot, and I try to find ways to celebrate small victories. We practice the same skill that their homeroom is working on, but with texts on their level. I show students that they can learn what their classmates are learning, even with limited English. They are more at ease when they realize they are not alone, and they can do it."  ~ Mrs. Lewis

     Mrs. Lewis with her students