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Lanier Middle School Clubs

  • Art Club

    Sponsors: Annie Park 

    Activities: Art Club is for any student who would like to learn about creative processes-Digital drawings, Jewelry Making and Animation sketches and film viewing. Minimal supplies will be required for this club. Students will be designing their own visual journals! 

    Meeting days:The club will meet on designated Tuesday mornings between 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM in the Art Room (1.276). 

    Affiliated with: Lanier Art Club is affiliated with GAEA.

  • Beta Club

    Sponsor:  Rebekah Spratlin & Kellie Yockey

    Activities:  School Garden, Ronald McDonald House Charity, and 2 other volunteer projects chosen by the 2021-22 Beta ClubBeta Club


    Mission:  To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among middle school students.  To reward meritorious achievement and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school. Meetings will begin after Labor Day.  


    Meeting days:  Wednesday at 8:15  1.176 (Spratlin)


    Affiliated with:  National Beta

  • Chess Club

    Sponsors Mr. Ragsdale

    Activities: Chess puzzles and analysis of famous grandmaster games... 

    6th grade champion challenge ladderchess

    7th grade champion challenge ladder

    8th grade champion challenge ladder

    Training for beginners is available


    MissionThe vision of the Lanier Knights Chess Club is to develop important problem solving skills in our students while providing a fun, competitive, and engaging atmosphere that encourages cooperation and friendship.  The Chess Club is designed to nurture critical thought in young minds while teaching students how to communicate and execute complex ideas.  While doing so, the Chess Club will foster a healthy sense of sportsmanship that will prepare students to succeed in life. This is an inclusive club that aims to incorporate students throughout Lanier.


    Meeting DaysThursday mornings 8:15 - 8:50 in the Clubhouse room 1.532 (6th grade floor)  

  • Conflict Club

    Sponsor: Karla Manners  Co-Sponsor:  Chap Shearouse 

    Activities: We will plan activities to educate students about different ways to settle disputes including possible guest speakers via zoom and role playsconflict resolution

    Mission/Purpose - to introduce students to the various alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
    Meeting Days: Club will meet every other Thursday morning

  • Culture Club

    Sponsors: Karla Manners & Rebekah Spratlin

    Activities: We will plan activities to recognize holidays/key celebrations for the different cultures in our school communityculture

    Mission/Purpose - to celebrate understanding and harmony of the multiple cultures in our school community

    Meeting Days: Club will meet every other Thursday morning

    Affiliated with: No national , state or local affiliation

  • Drama Club

    Sponsor: Nick Elliott 

    The purpose of Drama Club is to encourage students to think outside of the box, push individualDarma boundaries, and become more confident performers.  Members will improve their social skills and develop leadership skills.  They will also become more adept at collaboration.  We will be putting on a small production in early December, and (depending on interest), a musical in the spring.               

    Meetings will be Thursday afternoons starting after Labor Day, from 4:15 - 5:30, in the Media Center, 

    When the Drama Club is putting on a show, students will be required to meet more often for rehearsals 

  • Environmental Club

    Sponsor: Chap Shearouse

    The mission of our Longhorn Environmental Club is to promote stewardship, service, and conservation in our school, our community, and our world through education, awareness, and action.

    globe Environmental Club members will help facilitate the removal of recyclable materials from the building each week and ensure that all members of our Longhorn community are aware of what can and cannot be recycled. We will also meet to discuss environmental issues and offer students a platform for engagement in conservation and stewardship projects. 

  • FCA | Ignite Club

    Sponsors: Eileen Boone, Adam Webb and Carla Youmans 

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages students and athletes to grow in their faith and sportFCA
    Planned activities - TBD
    Start Date: October 7th

    Affiliated with: FCA Gwinnett
    Meeting Date(s): Wednesday mornings at 8:15am location to be determined by popularity of club

  • Helping Humanity

    Sponsors:LBGTQ  rainbow  

     Planned activities
    • Guest speakers from the LGBTQ+ community
    • Learning about each part of the LGBTQ+ 
    • Safety Activities (help learn body language that shows hate, disgust, or lack of comfort)
    • How to find and keep straight allies
    • How to succeed as an adult (benefits, struggles, etc.)
    • Important history and dates for the LGBTQ+ community"Coming out" stories and methods/fears
    • Many more

    Purpose/mission of the club
    This student led initiative was developed "To help students at this school from 6th-8th grade feel safe and welcomed by their peers without fear of being discriminated against or hated on."

    Meeting days/times
    Every other Monday afternoon (starting October 19th)
    10/5, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/14
    After 2nd load until 5:15 PM.  
    Students will need to make sure they have secured a ride home and are picked up promptly after the meeting
     Local, state, national affiliations 
    • LGBT institute (possible field trip idea)
    • National Coming Out Day (October 11th)
    • National Pride Month (June)

  • History Club

    Sponsors: Adam Webb and Cody Garrett

    To inspire students to learn from the past and change the future.   History club
    • Weekly Meetings 
    • Book Study 
    • Community Projects 
    • Virtual Field Trips
    National History Club
    We will begin meeting on Monday Nov. 2nd. We will meet through Google Meets at 8:15AM.

  • Intramurals

    Sponsors: Coach Nicholson & Coach Rabek

    Intramurals Club is a great opportunity for students to have fun and be active before school. Under the supervision of a certified teacher, students will have the opportunity to play basketball, soccer or badminton.  Intramural sports
    Students can participate in as many or as few sessions as is convenient; they are not required to attend every session.  Students are not required to be in the gym right at 8:05, but they MUST arrive by 8:10 in order to be placed on a team. 

    Students MUST turn in a permission form before being allowed to participate.

    Fall Session 

    September 7th - Oct. 29th

    Required Permission Form to be turned in to Coach Nicholoson or Coach Rabek before you can participate.

  • Kindness Club

    Sponsor - Janan Olsen


    Championing kindness is cool! We are on a mission to initiate the spread of kindness around the world. Community spread is the best way to ensure everyone is impacted by kindness, and we have many initiatives planned for this year that include affecting our local school, local community, our nation, and even on a global level, the world.Kindness

    Description of Planned Activities

    GLOBAL – Shoeboxes for Children Around the World (If available, students may sign up to volunteer at Shoebox Distributing Center in Duluth, GA – Date TBD)

    COUNTY-WIDE COMMUNITY – School/Student Needs For Food Over Holidays and Summer (GCPS Students) via

    COMMUNITY – North Gwinnett Co-Op Food Collections (Virtual and In-Person)

    LOCAL – Encouragement, affirmation, and assistance to our students, teachers, admin, and staff


    Local, State, National Affiliations: 

    Samaritan's Purse;; North Gwinnett Co-Op


    Meeting Days/Times: 

    Weekly on Thursday mornings at 8:15AM-8:50AM


    GLOBAL – October and November

    Shoeboxes For Children Around the World – Samaritan’s Purse – To be determined (depends on pandemic situation at this time)

    Shoeboxes for Children Around the World is a global outreach program via Samaritan’s Purse.  Shoeboxes are filled with toys and socks and school supplies, etc. for the gender and age of child you select.

    If available, students may sign up to volunteer at Shoebox Distributing Center in Duluth, GA – Date TBD


    COUNTY-WIDE COMMUNITY – School/Student Needs For Food Over Holidays and Summer (GCPS Students)

    Gather food for students to have food over holidays and breaks 

    LOCAL – September, October, November, December

    Electronic or snail mail notes of encouragement and affirmation for teachers, admin, staff, students will be written by Kindness Club members and sent electronically or dropped off at an announced location.

    Assistance to Teachers - - Find ways to help teachers do their job without as much stress.  Drop off supplies or coffee or gift cards or simply a hand-written note. If in person, students can physically go around to assist teachers by asking, “ How can we help you this morning?” Possible Options: Sharpen pencils, staple papers, organize a file drawer, hang something on the wall, clean coffee cup, write plans on whiteboard, run on errand, tutor a student in your room, take something to be copied to the media center, pick up copies for you from the media center, work on a Pinteresty-craft project


    Initiatives for 2020-2021 – SEMESTER 2


    Kick-Off Breakfast (If Face-to-Face) for Kindness Club members – Provided by Mrs. Olsen

    Valentines for Teachers – Red and pink hearts with kind sayings (handwritten by Kindness Club members) for teachers and cookies decorated by Kindness Club members

    School-Wide Kindness Challenge – Help counselors and peer leaders with this initiative as requested or needed

    Smarties for Milestones testing – All students at LMS - - “Hey, Smarties! Do your best on the test!”

    Handwritten notes with Smarties attached for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

    Continue helping teachers in their classroom and providing coffee/ice to teachers.

    RAK Day – Promote Random Acts of Kindness Day

    Any local, state, national affiliations: Samaritan's Purse for Shoeboxes for Children; 12Stone Church provides shipping cost for Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes and the shoeboxes to be filled
    Meeting days/times:  Weekly on Monday mornings at 8:15AM

  • Science Fair Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hall

    Activities: Science Fair Club will meet once a week in the morning to provide extra help and teacherDNA molecule guidance to  students regarding science fair projects. This is open to students who are required to complete Science Fair for a grade and to those who would like to participate on a voluntary basis. Students will receive assistance with experimental design and paperwork during club meetings. Students will receive guidance in order to participate in the local school science fair in January with the option to move on to the Gwinnett Science & Engineering Fair in February based on scores locally.

    Mission: To promote and develop scientific inquiry skills and student-driven innovation projects in a competitive environment.

    Meeting Days: Monday at 8:15 am, Room 1.546 (Hall)

    Affiliated With: Gwinnett Science & Engineering Fair

  • Soccer Club

    Coaches: Kellie Yockey & Shawn Davies LMS Soccer Ball

    Purpose:  The purpose of the soccer club is to be used as a pilot program to get soccer as a sanctioned sport in Gwinnett County schools. Therefore, this team requires tryouts and where games are played against other middle schools finishing the season with a county tournament. Our mission is to grow our players not only individually but as a team as well.

    Tryout dates:   6th grade January 18th , 7th grade January 19th, 8th grade January 20th, Final tryout with returning players, January 21st

    Players will have to pay for jerseys and tournament fees, Amount of money-TBA

    Practices will be in the morning @ 8:15 AM, girls practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, boys practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will practice half the time on the field and half in the gym. Games will be Saturday mornings and after school.

    Affiliations: We are affiliated with Gwinnett County: The Futbol Classic tournament that is hosted at Bryson Park in Lilburn, Ga by Michael Spivey



  • STEM Bots Club

    Sponsors: Michele Langhans, Jim Mitchell, Catherine Proctor, 

    Mission: Lanier Middle School’s STEMbots mission is to introduce students to the world of robotics, using STEM skills and teamwork. robot


    Purpose:  The purpose of STEMbots is to develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and working as a team. 

    Planned Activities:   Building, coding and competing will be a part of our club. More information to come regarding competitions as it gets released. Watch this

    Local and State Affiliations: Vex IQ and First Technology Challenge (FTC)

    Sponsors: Michele Langhans, Jim Mitchell, Catherine Proctor

    Meeting Days: Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 PM - 6 PM in Mr. Mitchell's room



  • Student Council

    Sponsors: Cody Garrett,Holli Imig, Karen Jones, Shannon Rolin


    Weekly meeting, election of officers, other activities tbd

    The purpose of Student Council is to promote pride, spirit, service, and achievement in our school. Student Council Members are a part of an elected group of leaders who stand to serve the school community.
    Possible Activities Include
    Create posters for PTA projects (dances, food drives, etc)    Student Council     
    Nerd day dress up (for interim testing)
    Pajama day for math technology
    Helped with jingle wars
    Valentine Grams. (This is the only fund-raiser for Student Council and pays for our end of the yearactivity - donut breakfast)
    Leprechaun Trap activity
    End of the year spirit days - (dress up days)

    Entire Council meetings are the first Monday of the Month in the Media Center at 8:15 am.Committee meetings -tbd- (Leadership committee needs to meet right before the monthly meeting, and the communication committee the day after the monthly meetings)

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