• Transportation

  • Change of Transportation?

    Students and parents should make end of the day transportation arrangements prior to dismissal. Should parents need to communicate a change in after school transportation, they are asked to contact the front office prior to 3:30PM. Students are expected to be picked up from school no later than 4:30PM unless they are attending an extracurricular activity.

    Riding home on a different bus: This is a process for emergency situations only. Students must provide a written note signed by a parent/guardian stating they will take a different bus home that afternoon. Students must bring this note to the front office before 9:30AM. Front office personnel will then call the parent/guardian to verify the note. The student will be given a bus pass only after the confirmation has been made. If the note cannot be verified, then the student cannot ride on a different bus. This procedure also applies if a student will be riding his/her regular bus home but will be getting off at a different stop.

  • Bike Riders

    If a student rides a bicycle to school, he/she must have a signed safety contract on file. Contracts are available in the front office. Bicycles should be placed in the bicycle rack located near the gym. Students should lock their bike and secure their helmet. Supervision will be provided during the afternoon dismissal to encourage student safety. Skateboards, roller blades, and skate shoes are prohibited on school grounds.

  • Bus Riders

    Most students ride the bus, and we strongly encourage this mode of transportation. Our school buses use the circular driveway on the far right of the building.

  • Car Riders

    Car riders will be dismissed shortly after 4:00PM. School buses will use the circular driveway to the far right facing the building, while parents who provide transportation for their children will follow established procedures published by the school.
    Parents picking up their children should not park in nearby neighborhoods to wait for their children.

  • Walkers

    When walkers are dismissed after 4:00PM, they should exit the building and immediately begin their journey home. Students who walk with buddies should plan to meet at the top of the hill and away from the school entrances. Students should be respectful of the school’s neighbors and surrounding community, remaining on sidewalks at all times. Students who walk to the YMCA should report directly to meet their escort in the designated area when walkers are called.