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  • Using a Mobile Device

    How to get on a Mobile Device

    You will have to go into settings to add your GCPS student gmail account.  Directions are linked above

    Please remember to update to the highest Chrome Browser. and update your device.

    Download these apps:  Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Slides, and Google Docs

    *you may need to download other apps depending on your assignments.

  • Can't get to your Google Classroom

    If you can't get into Google Classroom please add a new user in Chrome or go in as a GUEST.

    Your child's email  for their user name is:   firstname.lastname(last 4 digits)   

    Username:  ex. 

    Password is your student's lunch number.

    Finding your GCPS email and how to log-in video

    adding a new account

  • How to join a Google Classroom

    Student Google Classroom Help

  • How to get to the eCLASS Portal


  • How to answer in a discussion or add video notes

    Discussions and Video Notes

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