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  • Afternoon Bus Dismissal Information

    Families can now see when afternoon buses have been called & have left our school in the afternoons.

    Please go to the Parents/Students section from the homepage's navigation bar, then select Afternoon Bus Dismissal.

    ** To see real-time updates you will need to refresh that page every few minutes. **

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  • While we encourage riding the bus as an option, we realize that it may be necessary for your child to be a car rider. We realize that many of you choose to drop off and pick up your child at Dacula Park for the sake of expediency, and we want to make sure that your experience in our car rider lane is a smooth one as well.

    In an effort to minimize the car rider line backing up onto Dacula Road and to maintain safety, the car rider line will weave through the front parking lot.  Cars may not enter by turning left from Dacula Road. Our car rider line should only be accessed by turning right into our parking lot off of Dacula Road.  Parents may need to access the car rider line via Auburn Road 

    Parents are expected to drop off and pick up students along the designated loading zone.  Staff will direct vehicle movement and the unloading or loading of students.  Students should not exit vehicles in other areas of the parking lot. All vehicles are expected to turn right when exiting the campus during official arrival and dismissal times. 

    Morning Drop-Off Procedure:

    • As a courtesy, students arriving to Dacula Middle School between 8:00 am and 8:35 am will report to the cafeteria for a silent study hall. These students should be dropped off in the bus lanes in the rear of the building on Auburn Road.
    • Our car rider line for drop off in the front of the building begins at 8:35 am.
    • All students should be dropped off prior to 9:15 am which is when 1st period begins.
    • Students should never exit a vehicle on Dacula Road or Auburn Road.
    • All vehicles are expected to turn right when exiting the campus during official arrival times.

    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure:

    • Please make sure that your child knows his/her car rider number.  If you are in need of a car rider tag, please email your child’s homeroom teacher.
    • Parents may arrive on campus for car rider pick-up no earlier than 3:40 pm. This includes not parking in a parking space awaiting the start of car riders.
    • All vehicles should have the car rider number clearly displayed.
    • Staff will assist with the traffic flow.  Please make sure you follow the directions of the staff to ensure a safe and quick car rider line.
    • The car rider bell rings at 3:50 pm and students will load into cars based on their car rider number.
    • All vehicles are expected to turn right when exiting the campus during official dismissal times.

    Thank you so much for your partnership!

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  • Kimberly Bussey
    Dacula Middle School Principal

    School Hours:
    8:15 am - 4:15 pm
    Student Hours:
    8:55 am - 4:00 pm

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