• Art Club

    About: Provide students with additional opportunities to work with art.

    Meeting times: Date/Time TBD

    Sponsor: Ms. Mckenzie Kitchings

  • Broadcast Club

    About: Broadcast Club allows students the experience of working with video recording, editing, and both live and pre-recorded broadcasting. Students will be exposed to basic professional tools and experience broadcast work in a safe, fun environment.

    We meet daily to produce broadcasts, but students can work with Mr. Robertson to work out their schedule if they wish to join but are not available all week.

    Meeting times: Every morning @ 8:15 a.m.

    Sponsors: Mr. Lee Robertson

  • Culture Club

    About: The World Culture Club explores different cultures through food, dance, music, art and literature. The club promotes awareness, educates, encourages acceptance, and honors the rich heritage of diverse cultures. The students will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, customs, dances, festivals, food, cinema, and the ways of life in different parts of the world.

    Days: TBD

    Sponsors: Ms. Rayner, Ms. Caravella

  • Dance Club

    About: The Summerour Middle School Dance Team is a group composed of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who represent the school at home basketball games.  The dance team program focuses on building unity, character, integrity, and respect.  

    Meeting Times: Dates/Times TBD

    Sponsors: TBD

  • Distinguished Gentlemen

    About: This is a boys' club which meets bi-weekly. Teachers serve as role models to young men in grades between 6th-8th grades. Mini-lessons are delivered to guide young men who need support inside and outside the classroom. Facilitators of this club teach boys ethics, health & hygiene, respect to girls and our teachers, using appropriate study habits and offering tutorial help to our rising young men

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Mr. Cristian De Leon, Mr. James Hatter, Mr. Vincent Haywood, Staff Sgt. Sydney RayMr. Wicks

  • Drone Racing Team

    About: The DRC (Drone Racing Club) is a new endeavor for the 2020-2021 school year. The club will train students to be a part of the DRT (Drone Racing Team), which will be participating in a county-wide competition in the spring. The date is to be determined and students on the team are required to attend.

    Days: Thursdays, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm; Starting in October

    Sponsors: Mr. Mickey Stanfield

  • Eco Team

    About: Eco-Team members will help make Summerour a “green school” by recycling, growing flowers and food in the garden, making the school campus more nature-friendly, and helping others learn about the environment!

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Ms. Tixie Fowler, Staff Sgt. Sydney Ray

  • Environmental Club

    About: At Environmental club you will learn how to protect our environment and grow yummy food. Students will also go on hikes and enjoy nature with the company of their peers.

    Meeting times: Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm

    Sponsor: Ms. Laura Fey

  • French Club

    About: Students will meet new friends and have fun while learning francophone cultures worldwide.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsor: Mr. Laurent Bassa, Ms. Sherri BeallMs. Comfort Fejokwu

  • G.I.F.T.S. (& Gifted Steppers)

    About: Girls in Focus to Succeed (G.I.F.T.S.) is a girls’ group focused on equipping girls to be young ladies. It is a place where a girl can gain the knowledge and confidence to become the person that they truly want to be.  Our mission is to equip girls with the skills to express themselves like young ladies, understand their feelings, use the power of their voice and be a positive role model. We structure our work around four central values: Authentic Communication, Courageous Growth, Equity and Social awareness.

    SMS Gifted Stepper is a club that speaks to the culture with their feet and hands. These young ladies show teamwork and leadership throughout the year. With an extraordinary coaching staff, SMS Gifted Steppers have grown into the community.
    Students will focus on stepping leading up to and during the basketball season. After basketball, the focus will shift off of stepping.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsor: TBD

  • Heart and Sole

    About: Heart and Sole is a group of girls who get together to talk about the joys and challenges of being a girl, and who train to run the coolest 5K at the end of the season. Applications are available each Fall and Spring. 15 girls can be part of the team each season.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Ms. Fonda Powell, Ms. Samantha Jacober

  • History Detectives

    About:  This club is for students who have a passion for history and want to explore topics that go beyond the classroom experience.  Students will have opportunities to interact with the past by researching topics and then creating documentaries or websites or papers that they can use to compete in National History Day events.  This club may also do other activities to enhance their understanding of the past, such as archaeological digs and/or a field trip to a history museum.

    Meeting Time:  Wednesdays, 4:30 to 5:30

    Sponsor(s):  Dr. Riehm

  • Intramurals

    About: Students play sports after-school and before school for proscribed seasons. Sports on offer typically depend on who shows up each day and what the consensus for the day is. However, see Athletics for this year's information.

    Meeting Times: See Athletics for more information for information specific to this year

    Sponsor(s): Usually managed primarily by our PE coaches, see Athletics for information specific to this year

  • Jazz Band

    About: Select students from our band programs will be learning about and playing Jazz after school

    Meeting Times: Thursdays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm

    Sponsor(s): Ms. Yoo

  • Peer Leadership

    About: The goal of the peer leadership program is to develop the leadership skills of the students we work with. Students who have demonstrated above-average personal responsibility are given the opportunity to serve their school in ways which will allow them to develop their leadership skills.

    Meeting times: Fridays (during the school day (Advisement))

    Sponsors: Ms. Robin BlackwellMs. Pam GriswellMs. Yunilda ValdezMs. Kim Blackshear

  • Readers Rally

    About: A competitive reading team. We read the 15 Reader's Rally books then compete against other middle school teams in March. Perfect for thos who love reading!

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Mr. Lee Robertson

  • Robotics (Lego League)


    We are pleased to announce that Summerour Middle School is offering Lego Club in the 2021-22 school year.  The purpose of the club is twofold, first it will provide students an opportunity to learn and apply problem solving techniques through critical thinking.    Secondly, the Lego club will prepare students for the First Lego League Regional Competition, which will occur in December.

    During the club meetings, students will focus on a real-world problem. Then, they will critically think to design multiple solutions to the problem. They will also learn to program a robot using the icon­ based programming software. Club meetings will involve the students in programming their robots to accomplish tasks and solve challenges. Problem solving and logical thinking skills will be emphasized in every club session.

    Club will meet twice a week for one hour sessions. We will decide the day and the time to meet according to the availability of group members. Depending on the number of applications, we may have a try out day to finalize the team members.

    If you want to participate in robotics club then please email Mrs. Beg or Dr. Shukla by Friday, October 1, 2021. We will send the application to interested students only.

    If you have any questions, please contact Urooj Beg or Dr. Rekha Shukla 

    Meeting Times: TBD

    Coaches: Urooj BegDr. Shukla

  • Science Fair

    About: Students will work in groups of 2 to complete a science experiment, approved by the club moderators, and create a display board describing the scientific process. This will not be a year-long offering, but will begin partway through the year as Science Fair approaches.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Ms. Laura Fey

  • Student Council

    About: The SMS Student Council is committed to being a voice for all students. We will work to make our school and community a better place to learn and grow. We are devoted to using students’ ideas to make the school a better environment for all learners.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Mr. Stephen Kloser

  • Swing Dancing through Summerour

    About: Come learn Swing Dancing, Two-Step, Tango, and many more partner dances at Swing Dancing through Summerour! Perfect for beginners who have never danced, those who want to refine their skills, and people who want to learn even more fun spins, dips, and lifts for the dance floor! Bring your friends, bring a partner, or come by yourself for some fun times, good community, and cool skills you can use for a lifetime!

    Days: TBD

    Sponsors: Ms. Brianna Gertis

  • Tap Club

    About:  All levels are encouraged; whether you've never even put tap shoes on or are the next Broadway star.... come one, come all!
    Shoes are provide by SMS.
    • Staff members are encouraged to join, as well.
    • Ms. Mejia and Ms. Cintrina (front office) tap with us πŸ™‚
    • Show at Paul Duke in May
    Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 4:30 - 6:00 pm
    Sponsor(s): Nancy Daley

  • Technology Student Association (TSA)


    Who are TSA Members?
    The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
    (STEM). Open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology education courses, TSA’s membership includes more than 250,000 middle and high school students across the United States. TSA is supported by educators, parents and business leaders who believe in the need for a
    technologically literate society. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership opportunities and much more. The diversity
    of activities makes TSA a positive experience for every student. From engineers to business managers, our alumni credit TSA with a positive
    influence on their lives.

    TSA chapters take the study of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) beyond the classroom and give students the chance to pursue
    academic challenges among friends with similar goals and interests. Together, chapter members work on competitive events, attend conferences on
    the state and national levels and have a good time raising funds to get there. Chapter organization develops leadership, as members may become
    officers within their state and then run nationally. Our chapters are committed to a national service project and are among the most service-oriented groups in the community.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Location: Engineering Lab

    Fee: $10 membership fee, plus travel to events

    Sponsor: Mr. Frank Yelinek

  • Theatre Ensemble

    About: Students study and create theatrical performances.

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsor: Ms. Cynthia Samuels-Jackson

  • Wyldlife

    About: Focus is on the development of positive character traits using fun games that develop teamwork and social skills. Small-group time over snacks helps develop valuable friendships and real conversational skills. Student leaders will be facilitators

    Meeting times: Every other Thursday, after school

    Sponsor: Ms. Grace Andersen

  • Yearbook

    About: Focuses on the production of a professional, creative publication that covers the students and activities at Summerour Middle School 

    Meeting times: TBD

    Sponsors: Mr. Lee Robertson, Mrs. Amy Melegari

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