• Culinary Arts


  • What is this program all about?

    Students will learn the essential skills of professional cooking from an industry expert, including food preparation, knife skills, dining room service, menu development, restaurant accounting, and teamwork in the kitchen.  Students will study many branches of science and the rapid advances in technology used in the food industry to expand and improve the food supply; they will evaluate the effects of processing, preparation, and storage on quality and safety, wholesomeness, and nutritive value of foods.

  • Courses & Credits

    Introduction to Culinary Arts

    Introduction to Culinary Arts is the foundational course designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation terms, concepts, and methods in Culinary Arts where laboratory practice will parallel class work. Fundamental techniques, skills, and terminology are covered and mastered with an emphasis on basic kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, equipment maintenance and operation procedures. The course also provides an overview of the professionalism in the culinary industry and career opportunities leading into a career pathway to Culinary Arts.

    Culinary Arts I

    As the second course in the Culinary Arts Career Pathway, the prerequisite for this course is Introduction to Culinary Arts. Culinary Arts I is designed to create a complete foundation and understanding of Culinary Arts leading to postsecondary education or a food-service career. This fundamentals course begins to involve in-depth knowledge and hands-on skill mastery of culinary arts.

    Culinary Arts II

    As the third course in the Culinary Arts Pathway, the prerequisite for this course is Culinary Arts I. Culinary Arts II is an advanced and rigorous in-depth course designed for the student who is continuing in the Culinary Arts Pathway and wishes to continue their education at the postsecondary level or enter the food-service industry as a proficient and well-rounded individual. Strong importance is given to refining hands-on production of the classic fundamentals in the commercial kitchen.

    Embedded Credit: Science

  • Instructors

    Mrs. Williams
    Mrs. Amanda Williams

    Mrs. Belinda Delvasto

  • Certifications & Partnerships


    ServSafe - Manager Training & Certification
    ACF Culinary Arts Certification - obtained through NOCTI written & performance assessments
    ProStart National Certification of Achievement


    Chili's Grill & Bar
    Jim 'N Nick's BBQ Restaurant
    CSM Bakery Solutions
    GCPS Nutrition/Food Service
    Local Republic
    Gwinnett Technical College - Culinary Program