• Architectural Drawing and Design

    Models of houses made by students.

  • What is this Program All About?

    This program will expose students to blueprint reading, measuring, sketching, and drawing through engineering, architecture, drafting, and design processes. All drawing is freehand or computer-based using industry-standard software programs including AutoCAD and Revit Architecture.

  • Courses & Credits


    Course Description: Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Design is a foundation course that serves as an introduction to the drafting and design field and is a prerequisite to all other courses in the Engineering Drawing and Design program. Emphasis is placed on safety, geometric construction, fundamentals of Computer-Aided Drafting, and multi-view drawings. Students learn drafting techniques through the study of geometric construction at which time they are introduced to computer-aided drafting and design.


    Course Description: Architectural Drawing and Design I is a one-credit course that introduces students to the basic terminology, concepts, and principles of architectural design. Emphasis is placed on house designs, floor plans, roof designs, elevations (interior and exterior), schedules, and foundations.


    Course Description: Architectural Drawing and Design II is a one-credit course that builds on the skills and developed in Architectural Drawing and Design I. Emphasis is placed on schedules, plumbing, heating and air, graphic presentations, plot/site plans, and portfolios. While the term computer-aided design (CAD) does not appear in each competency, CAD tools and software should be used extensively throughout the course.


    Language Arts: Advanced Composition 

  • Instructor

    Mrs. Dee Tillman
    Mrs. Dee Tillman


    University of Georgia, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Design)
    University of Georgia, Master of Arts in Teaching (Occupational Studies)


    Maxwell High School of Technology – Lawrenceville, GA
    Design Continuum, Inc. – Hospitality Design – Atlanta, GA
    OIII Architecten – Architecture – Amsterdam, Holland
    Ulster Carpets – Custom Carpet Design – Marietta, GA
    Wise Design Architecture – Financial Institutions – Atlanta, GA


    Mrs. Tillman’s passion is Interior Design and Architecture. Ever since she was little, she was intrigued by how things were built. She enjoyed putting wooden puzzles together at very young age, loved rearranging space to make it more functional, and built her first wooden box and cardboard guitar in first grade. Mrs. Tillman’s best friend’s father worked on a lumber yard, so she was exposed to the creative world of building at an extremely young age. Math and art were her best subjects when she was in high school. She enjoys the technicality of both interior design and architecture. She values precision and detail, but she also likes art and creativity.

    Mrs. Tillman enjoys teaching high school students. Most students who come to Maxwell to take this class have an interest or strong passion for interior design, engineering, construction, or architecture. Her goal is to expose them to several different facets of the industry so they can make valuable career decisions upon graduation.

  • Certifications and Partnerships


    Revit User Certification Exam
    AutoCAD User Certification Exam


    LPBC and Associates                  Cooper Carry, Inc
    Gensler                                         Hill Foley Rossi and Associates, LLC
    Preston Partnership                   Wakefield Beasley and Associates
    Lawrence Design Group            Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio Associates
    ViaSat, Inc.                                    Sizemore Group


    Brenau University
    Georgia State University 
    Gwinnett Technical College