• Law Enforcement Services/Forensic Science


  • What is this program all about?

    Focusing on the causes, prevention, investigation, and prosecution of crime, the Law Enforcement Services program allows students to explore the role and structure of government, the rights and responsibilities of citizens and police, the criminal justice system, and courts, and corrections.

  • Courses & Credits

    Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

    Course Description: Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (LPSCS) is the pre-requisite for all other courses within the Career Cluster. This course provides students with career-focused educational opportunities in various LPSCS fields. It examines the basic concepts of law related to citizens’ rights and the responsibilities, and students will receive instruction in critical skill areas including: communicating with diverse groups, conflict resolution, ethics, CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Training, or similar program), basic firefighting, report writing, terrorism, civil and criminal law. Career planning and employability skills will be emphasized.

    Criminal Justice Essentials

    Course Description: Criminal Justice Essentials provides an overview of the criminal justice system. Starting with historical perspectives of the origin of the system, the course reviews the overall structure. Students will become immersed in criminal and constitutional law and will review basic law enforcement skills. The course ends with a mock trial to provide participants with a first-hand experience of the criminal justice system. The course will also provide in-depth competencies and components for the co-curricular SkillsUSA student organization that should be incorporated throughout instructional strategies of the course. Participation in additional student organizations that align with Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security pathways (i.e. mock trial) is encouraged to enhance standards addressed in the curriculum. The prerequisite for this course is Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security.

    Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations

    Course Description: Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations is a course designed to contextualize scientific principles within the career studies of students interested in criminal justice. The course will utilize scientific equipment; therefore, instructors should have access to a science lab if their Career and Technical Education lab is not equipped. Students will study the forensic application of principles of chemistry, biology, physics and other disciplines. Students will utilize chromatography, electrophoresis, microscopic observation, and other scientific techniques in their studies. Students will also learn some investigative techniques and crime scene investigation skills through the lens of the scientific method. The prerequisites for this course are Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security and Criminal Justice Essentials.

    Embedded Credit: Science

  • Instructors

    Mr. Wilson
    Mr. Scott Wilson


    Mr. Wilson has been an active member of the Gwinnett County law enforcement community since 1994. He graduated from the Gwinnett County Police Department's 32nd Academy and worked as a patrol officer and crime prevention specialist. Mr. Wilson was the coordinator for the department's nationally recognized Citizen's Police Academy. He served as a member of the Gwinnett County Sheriff Department's reserve deputy unit from 1999 until 2017. He has been teaching at Maxwell High School since 1999 and was voted as Maxwell's Teacher of the Year in 2003-2004 and again in 2011-2012. 


    M.Ed: Walden University, 2005
    New Teacher Institute: Georgia State University, 2000
    BBA: Georgia State University, 1990

    Mr. Wilson may be contacted at: Scott.Wilson@gcpsk12.org

    Mrs. Shalesia Richards

    More information to come.

    Mrs. Richards may be contacted at: Shalesia.Richards@gcpsk12.org

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    • Gwinnett County Police Explorers
    • Gwinnett County Sheriff's Explorers
    • Lilburn Police Explorers
    • Lawrenceville Police Explorers