Orientation Forms and Agreements

  • Please open each of the following links and review the document.
    Britt Elementary School 2022-23 Student/Parent Handbook.
    • Acknowledge your receipt, review, and understanding of the Britt Elementary 2022-23 Student Handbook. Click the blue link to view the document.
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    The Plan/The Promise (El Plan/El Compromiso) 
    • Acknowledge your review of The Plan/The Promise. The Plan/The Promise will be discussed with you throughout the year at different school-family events as we work together to help your child succeed in school. By checking the box, I acknowledge that I have received and read The Plan/The Promise. I have reviewed this document with my child, and we agree to uphold our commitment to this school-family partnership. Por favor marque la casilla para reconocer su revisión y comprensión del documento “El Plan/El Compromiso”. Se hablará acerca de El Plan/El compromiso con los padres de familia durante el año escolar en diferentes funciones escolares para familias, a medida que colaboramos para ayudar a que su hijo tenga éxito en la escuela. Al marcar la casilla, reconozco que he recibido y he leído El Plan/El Compromiso. He revisado este documento con mi hijo y estamos en acuerdo de atenernos al compromiso de colaboración entre la escuela y la familia.
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    GCPS 2022-23 Student/Parent Handbook – Elementary School
    • Acknowledge that you have reviewed the Gwinnett County Public Schools’ 2022–23 Student/Parent Handbook for Elementary School. The contents of the handbook (including information on attendance, discipline, extracurricular activities, responsible use of technology, and all Annual Notices to parents, including Parent Right to Know, FERPA, and PPRA) have been reviewed by me and my student. I and my student understand the rights and responsibilities as a student enrolled in Gwinnett County Public Schools. In addition, I have reviewed on the school’s website (or obtained and read a copy from a school) the listing of extracurricular activities available to my child.
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    Attendance Protocol Form - GCPS Student/Parent Handbook 
    • Acknowledge your understanding of the GCPS Attendance Protocol for you and your student.
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    Extracurricular Activities - GCPS Student/Parent Handbook 
    • Acknowledge your understanding of the extracurricular activities available at your school. To prohibit your child from participating in specific extracurricular activities, you must complete and submit this form to your school.
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    Parent AKS Brochure 
    • Acknowledge your review and understanding of the academic knowledge and skills for your student.
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    MEDIA RELEASE OPT-OUT - GCPS 2022-2023 HANDBOOK INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS AND FAMILIESAcknowledge your understanding of GPS policy regarding Media Release Opt-out found in the HandbookInformation for Students and Families. As the parent of a student, you may elect to withhold your consent for Gwinnett County PublicSchools' use of photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings of you and/or vour child. In order to withhold your consent for the disclosure of your and/or your child's photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings, you (the parent/guardian of the student) must notify the principal of the school the student attends in writing within 10 days of attending school.