Who Are We?

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  • If counseling is need after the hours of 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM Mon- Friday please call the numbers below.
    Georgia Crisis and Access Line
    Georgia Covid 19 Emotional Support Line
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  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our Mission:

    The mission of Summerour Middle School Counseling Department program is to provide all students with a student focused comprehensive and developmental counseling program in which each student is celebrated, respected, and supported, thereby enabling them to reach their full educational and social potential as motivated lifelong citizens. We are committed to supporting the development and encouragement of intercultural awareness for all students with the emphasis on the college and career readiness needed to succeed in a local, national, and international world. As student advocates, we promote equity and access for all of our middle school students by providing an environment with a focus of pursuing excellence.

    Our Vision:

    The Summerour Middle School counseling program is dedicated to helping all students obtain the knowledge and skills they will need to graduate from high school ready to enter college or a career. They will enter adulthood as motivated lifelong learners and leaders. They will be locally and globally competitive as they progress from childhood to adulthood and become caring, principled, knowledgeable contributing global citizens.

  • Our Counselors' Role

    •Certified, specially trained professionals

    •School personnel who provide guidance to all students

    •Support resources to help teachers, parents, students, and administrators.

     Who sees the Counselor?

    •All students see the counselor during classroom lessons

    •Students are referred by their teachers or themselves for small group sessions

    •Students are referred by teachers, parents, or themselves for individual sessions

     What is the purpose of Middle School Counselors?

    •Our counselors are here to help students achieve academically. They provide students with study skills, coping skills, and problem solving skills.

  • School Counseling Services

    Individual Counseling

    These sessions are provided to assist students with a variety of educational and personal concerns. The primary purpose of these sessions is to help students explore their concerns, make appropriate plans of action, and be successful in following through with their plans.

    Small Counseling Groups

    Small groups are offered as part of the school's developmental program. All groups emphasize building a positive self-concept and guiding students to reach their potential. Students may participate with parent permission only.


    Classroom topics are developmental and designed to support students academically and are aligned with the AKS, GMAS, Quality Core Curriculum, and the state Board of educational Core Values.


    The counselor consults with parents, teachers and administrators to discuss the educational, social and emotional needs of our students, enhance individual development and academic success, and promote an optimal learning environment for all students.

  • Leaving a Child Alone

    Home Alone Policy

    According to the Department of Family and Children Services, these are the guidelines for leaving a child at home alone.

    • Age 8 or under
      • Should never be home alone
    • Age 9-12
      • Can stay alone up to 2 hours
    • Age 13 and over
      • Can stay alone up to 12 hours and can perform the role of babysitter

  • Digital Days Contact Information

    Use these numbers to contact our counselors only on days when school is in session digitally. Do not use these numbers on regular school days.

    Contact Info for Digital Days Only

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