• NGHS Cell Phones/Electronics Policy

  • When electronics/cell phones are & are not permitted:

    Students are permitted to use their electronic devices before and after school, between classes, and during lunch as long as there is no guest speaker. As soon as class begins, they are expected to silence and put away their electronic devices from bell to bell (this includes cell phones, smart watches, ear buds, etc). They should not be visible or used in class unless permitted by the teacher for academic purposes.

    When electronics/cell phones are confiscated:

    If a student's electronic device goes off in class or is being used without permission, the teacher has the right to confiscate the device. The device along with the student's name will then be given to an administrator at the end of the day to be processed. The student will receive a referral and a parent will be notified that they must come to the school's front desk to sign for the device. Once it is signed for, the electronic device will be available to be picked up at the end of the next school day.