Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • mobile devices BYOD has become a buzz phrase in schools across the country. But, what does it really mean? How will it affect instruction? And most importantly, what do students, parents, and teachers need to know about this topic?

    We anticipate students will use their own technology more and more as part of the teaching and learning process.

    Most Gwinnett schools have active BYOD programs, some in select classrooms and others schoolwide, with more schools adding BYOD access as instructional needs are identified. Students' use of their personal devices is based on specific instructional needs. Using the school's Wi-Fi network for Internet access, students can access online tools and instructional content in a filtered, safe, and secure environment. Students can demonstrate their learning through the use of multimedia projects, videos, stop-animation, and more. BYOD allows students to power up their learning and safely expands the walls of our classrooms to increase learning opportunities.