• High School Transcripts

    How To Request Your High School Transcript

    Sending Electronic Transcripts Through GAFutures

    Go to https://www.gafutures.org/ and click “create an account.” Complete all fields (name, birth date, social security number, account name, password, etc.) image high school transcript Once account is created, go to the “college planning” tab to order transcripts. Electronic transcripts are Free and are available for colleges in the State of Georgia only.


    What do I do if I need a paper Transcript?

    It is the responsibility of each student to mail his/her transcripts. Students requesting transcripts must complete a form in the Records Office stating the number of transcripts needed. Each transcript will be “officially” sealed in an envelope that must not be opened by the student for it to remain official.

    The cost is $5.00 for each requested transcript. Please allow 3-5 days for completion of your request.