• Dr. Brian Cunningham

    OFFICE NUMBER: 770-806-8943

    Email: brian.cunningham@gcpsk12.org

    Welcome to Sweetwater Middle School!  My role is to identify and provide services to support student achievement.  Use the website and Parent Portal to stay informed.  Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever I may be of further assistance.

    Important Information for Parents:

    Please be sure to sign up for the Parent Portal if you have not done so already. The Parent Portal offers parents secure online access to their child's grades, attendance, discipline record, and test history. To register for the portal, you must have an email address and complete a registration form available at SMS. Parents will need to return this form in person and bring valid identification in order for the school to verify your identity.

    6th Grade Counseling AKS:

    Academic Development

    Apply learned strategies to successfully transition to middle school

    1. Explore relationship between classroom performance and success in school
    2. Recognize the importance of becoming a self-directed and independent learner  
    3. Establish and implement challenging academic goals

    Career Development

    1. Explore the relationship between interests and talents

    Life Skills

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of how feelings affect behaviors
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of ways to deal with others who display bullying behaviors
    3. Demonstrate respect for the diversity among people
    4. Explain the importance of thinking for oneself and demonstrate an understanding of how one can be influenced by peers.
    5. Identify ways to say “No” to risky behaviors by utilizing refusal skills
    6. Identify skills needed for making and keeping friends while recognizing the importance of expressing feelings honestly and appropriately.