• Mr. Joseph Genaro

    OFFICE NUMBER: 770-806-8939     Click to email Mr. Genaro

    My name is Joseph Genaro, and I am the 8th grade and Gear-up Counselor at Sweetwater Middle.  I came here in the 2014-2015 school year, and I am pleased to be back with Sweetwater for the current school year and on.  Some of my responsibilities are to support students academically, with personal issues, and high school transitions.  In addition, I also provide college and career education to all 8th grade students.  

    Please contact me with any concerns, and I will address the issue promptly.  If your student wishes to meet with me at school, all they have to do is ask the teacher to see me.  They do not have to provide details on the reason.

    8th Grade Counseling AKS:

    Academic Development

    1. Understand how school success and academic achievement enhance future opportunities.
    2. Demonstrate study skills and habits that can be used in various educational settings.

    Career Development

    1. Develop a tentative schedule for 9th grade taking into consideration academic strengths, academic majors, and career interests.
    2. Identify how their and talents relate to career choices.
    3. Identify skills and behaviors which will help one be successful in the world of work.

    Life Skills

    1. Identify skills necessary for dealing with life changes.
    2. Identify ways to recognize and respond to bullying/harassment.