Course and Graduation Requirements

  • GCPS Course Requirements

    The requirements below apply to students entering 9th grade in August 1997 and after.

    Graduation Diploma 

    CPC = College Prep Curriculum = General Diploma

    Promotion Requirements

    Graduation Requirements: 23 units (one class / semester = ½ unit)

    Promotion Requirements for students entering 9th grade 2005 and after:

    • to promote to 10th – 5 units
    • to promote to 11th – 11 units
    • to promote to 12th – 17 units

    Graduation Requirements for Students Entering Fall 2008 and beyond

    Subject Requirements 

    • Language Arts- 4 units including 1 unit of 9th grade Language Arts, and 1 unit of American lit. (11th grade)
    • Math- 4 units including the equivalent of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and fourth math
    • Science- 4 units including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and science elective
    • Social Studies -3 units including 1 unit World History, 1 unit U.S. History, .5 units Political systems and .5 units Economics
    • Health & Physical Education- 1 unit  including .5 units Lifetime Fitness and .5 units of Health (or 3 units JROTC)
    • Modern/Classical Language, Language, Fine Arts, Technical Education*  3 units (any combination) 
      *Required for university admissions in the state of Georgia, 2 units of the same modern/classical language
    • Electives- 4 units from any area


    Students must earn 23 units (as denoted above) and pass all portions of the Gateway assessment.

    Milestone Tests (End-of-Course -- EOC-- assessments)

    Students at the high school level will take an end-of-course assessment in the following courses:

    English Language Arts

    • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
    • American Literature and Composition


    • Algebra I or Coordinate Algebra
    • Geometry or Analytic Geometry


    • Biology
    • Physical Science​​

    ​​Social Studies

    • United States History
    • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise

    Required Graduation Tests

    Gwinnett County Public Schools system requires students to pass all sections of the Gateway Assessment. The Gateway Assessment measures the ability to write effectively in the areas of science and social studies. This assessment is administered in the spring of the 10th grade year. Students will have several opportunities to retake the Gateway Assessment if they are not initially successful in all areas.