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    Medications: The following guidelines must be adhered to for the safety of all students.

    • All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be provided and brought to the clinic by the parent and the medication must be in the original container. Administration of over-the-counter medication at school is discouraged.
    • Administration of Medication form must be accompanied with each medication.
    • No student should be carrying any medications in the school building.
    • All medications in the clinic must be picked up by the parent at the end of the school year. Any medications left in the clinic after that time will be disposed of.
    • The clinic will not receive more than 30 day supply of controlled substances at school.
    • The clinic will not receive blanket permission forms from parents for over-the-counter medication for students.
    • Request for administration of herbal/alternative medicines should be accompanied by a written order from a health care provider authorized by the State of Georgia to prescribe medication.

    Over-the-Counter Medications:

    The clinic does not supply Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.  For students who may need these medicines, parents will need to provide them to the clinic with appropriate forms.  Students requiring ANY medication at school must have a parent bring the medication and documentation to the school clinic (this includes Ibuprofen, Tylenol, eye drops, cough drops, etc.).  All medication is stored and administered by the clinic worker.  If students need to be given medication, we cannot give it to them unless we have written permission.

    Medication must be kept in the clinic in the original container. If the medication is to be administered for more than one day, an Administration of Medication Request Form must be completed. Students may not have over-the-counter medications in their possession and may not share medications of any kind with fellow students.

    Health Management Plans:

    Students who have medical conditions that require monitoring or medications such as asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, severe allergies, seizures, etc. will need a health management plan completed by the parent/guardian. Allergy, Asthma and Diabetic Plans require a physician’s signature and require more than one form to be completed.

    Check Out Policy:

    The clinic is available for illnesses and injuries that occur during school hours. If a student is too ill to remain at school, a parent/guardian will be contacted to pick the student up.


    Generic Health Management Plan
    Cancer Health Management Plan
    Seizure Health Management Plan
    Asthma Health Management Plan
    Administration of Medication Request

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