• Contacting My Child's Counselor

When Should I Contact My Child's Counselor?

    • When your child is having difficulty in school for any reason
    • When family changes interfere with academic progress
    • When behaviors interfere with academic progress
    • If there is a crisis and you need information
    • When you want to arrange a meeting with several teachers
    • When you need help understanding test results and school records or to track school progress
    • When you want to discover available community resources and agencies for your child or your family
    • When you have questions or concerns about your child and you don't know where to start looking for answers
  • Contacting My Child’s Counselor

    Please contact your child's grade level counselor for any academic and/or social emotional needs.

    We are available Monday-Friday from 8:20 am-4:20 pm.

    How To Contact The Counselor

    1. Call or email the counselor during office hours. If you choose to email, please include:

    o First & Last name

    o Student ID #

    o Concern/question

    2. Schedule an appointment with your student's counselor for a phone call or a virtual meeting (Zoom), by clicking the grade level link on the left. The counselor will respond via call or email. If a virtual meeting is requested, an email with a link to join the meeting at the designated time will be sent.