• Welcome to Eighth Grade!

  • Eighth Grade Team

    Front Row L-R  Dr. Brooks Baggett, Dr. Uzoma Egbuonu, Tricia McIlwain, Tommy Edwards, Gwen Danner, Dr. Keith Thompson
    Second Row L-R Marsha James, Cynthia Keyes, Laura McLaughlin, Jeff Parr, Stacie Humphreys, Danielle Tuthill, Sydney Henry
    Third Row L-R Edwanda Jackson, Delbra Crenshaw, Rachel Millard, Jeffrey Borock, Dr. Ron Gay, Dr. Felix Tutt
    New Teachers: Telica Turner, Suchithra Shanmugam

Eighth Grade Announcements

  • Peachtree Ridge Rising Ninth Grade Parent Information - The ninth grade administrators, teachers, and counselors have a lot of information to share with you. Due to COVID precautions, the Rising Ninth Grade Parent Meeting will be presented in an informational video hosted on our Northbrook Ninth Grade eCLASS page titled "2021 Rising 9th Grade." Providing the information in our secure eCLASS server ensures that only Northbrook students and parents are able to access course information and registration documents. If you are having trouble accessing the eCLASS page, please contact Brooks Baggett (brooks.baggett@gcpsk12.org) or Eddie Barnes (eddie.barnes@gcpsk12.org) for assistance. 

    To access the video from PRHS and information about registration, please use your child's eCLASS login credentials and open the "2021 Rising 9th Grade" eCLASS page (see image below). The page includes a video from the school administration and counselors, with additional links to information about SPIRE, LEAP, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The video can be viewed directly from YouTube here (https://youtu.be/nr4hB450YbM), but additional registration information can only be accessed on the eCLASS page. 


    Additionally, the eCLASS page includes link buttons to information about each department at Peachtree Ridge. These eCLASS buttons provide information that reflect content in the PRHS Freshman Book that was shared with students in December. The Freshman Book can be downloaded under the "Registration 2021" widget along with a worksheet for elective options. A helpful calendar is provided as well (see below).