• Classroom Guidance

    Counselors see classes on a regular basis. Guidance lessons follow Gwinnett County Counseling Competencies and Standards and address topics such as careers, testing, study skills, decision making, friendship, personal safety, and problem solving.

  • Consultation

    Counselors consult and collaborate with a number of individuals including teachers, other counselors, school social workers, DFACS, parents, and administrators in an effort to support our students and remove any barriers to learning.

  • Individual Counseling

    Counselors can see students for an individual session at the request of a teacher, parent, or student. Counselors may also make referrals to outside agencies when requested by a parent or when they feel it is necessary.

  • Small Group Counseling

    Students are referred by teachers or parents to participate in small group counseling. Group topics focus on academics, behavior, and social skills.