Abuse and Safety Prevention

  • We all share a common goal for our children to be safe and protected from all things harmful.  Related to that goal, school counselors are required to present annual personal safety lessons designed to prevent sexual abuse. During the months of January, February, and March our school counselors will offer the Gwinnett County School's sexual abuse prevention and safety lessons to all K-5 students. Topics from previous grade levels may be presented. Specific details are shown below.

  • All Grades

    1) Using Our Built-In Computers-We can program our “built-in computer” to recognize and avoid behaviors and situations that my threaten our person safety.
    2)People are Like the Weather-Like the weather, people’s behavior can suddenly turn scary or dangerous.
    We can take safety measures to protect ourselves from Bad Weather People.
    3) Child Luring-Some Bad Weather People have their own kind of lures (child lures) to trick children into trusting them or going with them.Learning about Child Lures is like having a fire drill – we need to know what to do, just in case.
    4) Laws Help Protect Me-Children have rights, too, including a right to live free of abuse.It is against the law for anyone to touch a child’s bathing suit zone or make the child touch theirs.Anyone, even a family member or a peer, can commit sexual crimes.Children should report abuse or attempted abuse to a trusted adult.
    5) Listening to Our Instincts-Instincts are our inner sirens. They warn us when something is wrong or when we need to be careful.Recognizing, trusting and following our instincts can help to keep us safe from unsafe behaviors and situations.
    6) "What is a “Stranger?”-Most strangers are kind and caring and can be counted on to help children.Strangers who lure children usually act friendly to trick kids into trusting them.We should be alert to behaviors that set off our inner sirens (instincts).
    7) My Dignity-Each of us is unique, special and worthy of respect. Abusing someone is the opposite of treating them with respect. Sexual abuse is never the child’s fault and can never take away a child’s dignity.
    8)Understanding Threats-Some dangerous people use threats and weapons to intimidate children into doing as they say. The threats are rarely real and all threats are against the law.

  • Kindergarten Topics

    Key Concepts

    The Pet Lure

    Children should never help look for a lost pet or accept an invitation to visit an animal without a parent or trusted adult.

    The Name Lure

    Children should not automatically trust or go with individuals who know their names. Name tags should be placed on belongings where they are not easily seen.

  • First Grade Topics

    First Grade Topics

    The Fun & Games Lure

    Children should never play games that involve restraints, even if it is supposedly part of a game, stunt, or magic trick. Children should report inappropriate touching to a trusted adult.

    The Affection Lure

    Most of the time, children are slowly lured into sexual abuse by someone they know and they may not be aware of being lured. Sexual abuse is not real love, it is an act of fake love.

    The Assistance Lure

    Children should never accept help, offer help, or go with anyone without first getting permission from parents. Stay 3 giant steps away from vehicles.

  • Second Grade Topics

    Second Grade Concepts

    The Friendship Lure

    Children should immediately leave places where adults and/or peers are behaving sexually or otherwise inappropriately.

    The Bribery Lure

    Real gifts are given without asking for, or expecting, something in return. Gifts should never be kept secret from parents.

  • Third Grade Topics

    Third Grade Topics

    The Emergency Lure

    It is important to stay calm and think clearly during emergencies. Emergencies should be verified by calling or running home. Children should follow their Family Emergency Plan.

    The Authority Lure

    Some dangerous people pretend to be police or other authority to trick children into doing what they say.  It’s OK for a child to disobey authority figures if they tell the to do something that is against the law or makes a child feel scared or in danger.

  • Fourth Grade Topics

    Fourth Grade Topics

    The Job Lure

    Children should always check with parents before agreeing to do any chore, job or errand – no matter how small. Parents should know everything about a child’s job: who, what, where, when.

    The Ego/Fame Lure

    Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on all talent pursuits and parents must verify the credentials of talent agents. Suspicious “talent scouts” should be reported to the police.

    The Online Lure

    Children should not keep online activities secret from parents and inappropriate or violent online messages should be reported to parents immediately. Children should never give out personal information online,should not send photos or videos of themselves to people they don’t know,and should never go alone to meet an online acquaintance.

  • Fifth Grade Topics

    Fifth Grade Concepts

    Key concepts and lures taught in previous grades are reviewed. 

    Students also view the video entitled, Breaking the Silence, which features four children telling their own story. The video explains concepts of physical and sexual abuse.