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  • Academic Letter

    Academic Letter

    Students who attended Peachtree Ridge High School the previous year and had either a Fall/Spring GPA of at least a 94.0 or a cumulative GPA of at least 94.0, earn an academic letter.  Academic Letter Award Certificates are presented during the fall semester annually.

  • Class Rank

    Class Rank

    Class rank is based on cumulative grade average at the end of 1st semester.

  • Gifted Education

    Gifted Education

    The Gwinnett County Public Schools gifted education program serves students by providing academic challenges for those who are intellectually advanced. Peachtree Ridge offers gifted classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Directed Studies, and the Quest Internship Program. Students who have been tested and have met eligibility criteria in elementary, middle or high school in Gwinnett County or in another Georgia school system are eligible to take gifted classes at PRHS.

    A student may be referred by a teacher, a counselor, or a parent for gifted testing. When a student is referred, he/she is placed in the referral process by submitting a portfolio to the Referral Committee. The next step is an official referral to be tested. Georgia Department of Education eligibility standards requires that a student meets the criteria in three of four areas: mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. A number of assessment instruments are used in this process.

  • Schedule Changes

    Schedule Changes

    Schedule changes may be considered if requests meet one of the following conditions:

    The student does not have the prerequisite to be in a class. The student has already taken and passed the class. The student has failed this same course under the same teacher before and there is another teacher teaching the same course. The students is in a senior homeroom and needs a course to graduate.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Scale

    A = 90 or above B = 80-89 C = 74-79 D = 70-73 F = below 70

  • Progress Reports/Report Cards

    Progress Reports/Report Cards

    Progress reports are issued after the completion of 4.5, 9, and 13.5 weeks of each term. The report card, issued at the end of each term, is a record of the student’s final grade and credit for each class. Periodically teachers will also send electronic progress reports to parents who have provided a working email address.

  • Honor Graduates

    Honor Graduates

    Honor graduates are seniors who have achieved a cumulative average of 90.0 or above (not rounded). These students are determined by grades at the completion of first term and recognized at Spring Honors night. In addition, seniors may also achieve Honor Graduate status at the completion of the Spring term.

2019-2020 Registration Information

  • Confused over the course name that appears on your schedule? If you would like to confirm that you are actually in the correct class, you can take a look at this sheet first. If you are still confused, you can:

    1. Ask your teacher
    2. Mark your green form with the question and turn that into the Curriculum Office
    3. Come and visit the Curriculum Office

    SY 2019-20

    Placeholder Courses

    Placeholder Course Name


    Oral/Writ Comm

    9th SPIRE (yearlong)

    Markt & Entr

    9th LEAP (yearlong)

    IB Enviro Sys

    AP Hum Geo/AP Environmental Sci Combo (yearlong)(9th)

    Gen PE I/II

    Weight Training

    Mrkt Management

    10th LEAP (yearlong)

    Anat & Phys

    Essentials of Healthcare

    Found Eng Tech

    10th SPIRE Chem

    Busi Comm/Peer Fac I

    Office Aid (yearlong if both)

    Peer Leader/Peer Fac II

    Peer Facilitator W/ Belknap

    AP Euro

    AP Euro/AP World Combo

    Peer Fac III/IV

    Lunch Aid

    Eng Concepts

    11th SPIRE AP Physics I

    Journalism I/II

    Yearbook (yearlong)

    Sci Eng Research

    10th SPIRE AP Bio


    AP Seminar/APUSH


    AP Research/AP Lang


    If you’re scheduled for band, orchestra, chorus, or dance and it is listed on your schedule,

    then you have been placed in the correct block

    for your skill level.