• Comprehensive Counseling Services

    The LRMS school counseling program helps to remove barriers to academic achievement through data driven, comprehensive programming to help the growth and development of all our students. Our school counselors build strong relationships with students through classroom core curriculum lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling sessions to help students develop life skills, achieve academic success, and learn about post-secondary/career options. We address the students needs as a whole by focusing on academic, social/personal, and career development.

  • Core Curriculum

      Lessons are based on counselor core comeptencies and the needs assessement given to both students and staff
      Minimum of 2 core curriculum lessons per semester. Covers academic, career, and personal/social domains to help faciliate development of the whole child
    ⋅ 2 lessons are delivered school-wide:
    -GCIS Jr. (Georgia Career Information System)
    -Teen Lures

  • Counseling Small Groups 

    8-10 students per small group 
    Small groups last for 6-10 weeks 
    Students are chosen based off of needs assesment, parent referral, teacher  referral, or self referral 
    Topics covered are under the career, academic, or social/personal domains 

  • Individual Counseling 

    Brief and goal oriented individual counseling- not long term therapy 
    Help assist familes and students in need of resources 
    Respond to students mental health needs 
    Facilitate peer mediations when appropiate 
    Address interpersonal skills 
    Provide crisis response when necessary 
    Address referrals- self, parent, or teacher referral