• LRMS Counseling Vision & Mission 


  • The vision of the LRMS school counseling program is to promote a safe and abundant school environment where all students can reach their highest potential, both personally and academically. Our students will possess the skills to attain the post-secondary educational requirements needed to succeed in their chosen career pathway. Our students will be equipped to become well-rounded, responsible, contributing members of a multicultural and diverse society.


  • The mission of the LRMS School counseling program is to remove barriers to students’ academic achievements and promote a safe and secure environment by providing counseling services such as classroom guidance, individual counseling, and other interventions based on best practices. The LRMS school counseling program will serve as a beacon to students in need in accordance with the school’s mission to serve as a lighthouse school. Utilizing school, home and community partnerships, LRMS school counselors will provide opportunities and support to assist all students, especially those at risk in the academic, career and personal/social domains, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.