• Career Development

    In an effort to increase and improve career education across all grade levels, elementary schools in Gwinnett County have been incorporating new lesson material related to career awareness. Beginning in first grade, students are introduced to three or four "career clusters" each year (see below) and are given the opportunity to engage in a number of exploratory activities. 

    Early exposure to different career options is extremely important in helping students find fulfilling work as adults. Many of our children will find employment in fields that do not exist today. While we certainly don’t expect elementary students to know what they want to be when they grow up, we do hope they will begin to dream of their futures while they are in our classrooms. We hope to inspire them to great things!

Career Clusters

  • Let's Start Talking!

    Discussion Starters for K-2:

    1. A job that I know something about is:
    2. A job that I would like to know more about is:
    3. When I grow up, I think I would like to:

    Discussion Starters for 3-5:

    1. A job I am interested in is ____ because ____.
    2. A job that I think I would be good at is ____ because ____.
    3. A goal that I can set for myself now that will help in my future is: