• Policies and FAQs

    RES Media Center

    Q- How many books can my child check out?

    A- Students may check out 2 physical books and one eBook at a time. Only one of the physical books can be a graphic novel. 

    Q- How long may my child keep their book?

    A- Students can keep their books for two weeks. However, they can turn the books in before the two-week period is over. 

    Q- How can I determine what my child has checked out?

    A- There are several ways to see what resources your child has checked out. Click on either the Student Page or Parent page tab and you will see a video link on how to see what your child has currently checked out. You can also look on the Parent Vue to find this information. 

    Q- Can my child renew their book?

    A- Yes!  They may bring their book in and we will renew it for another cycle. 

    Q- How much does it cost to replace a lost or damaged book?

    A- It is $15.00 to replace the book. We buy our books from special library vendors and not off of Amazon. This ensures the books last longer. 

    Q- How do I pay for a lost or damaged book?

    A- You can pay exact cash or write a check to Riverside Elementary. You can also pay through MyPaymentPlus. If the book is found (in good condition) after a fee is paid during the school year that a fine was paid, you will get a refund. 

    Q- When are books considered lost and a fee assigned to my child's account?

    A- After 30 days of being overdue, they are officially considered lost and a fine placed on the account. The good news is that if you find the book (in good condition) after the fee is assigned, you can still return the book and the fee will be dropped. 

    Q- How can I help my child avoid paying a fine?

    A- Check the Parent Portal frequently to see the books your child has checked out. The date that the books were checked out will be listed so you can see if the items are overdue. Also, please encourage your child to not eat or drink with their book. Many damaged books are the result of water damage and pets. I would also suggest keeping the books in 3 places when they are not being read: their desk at school, their bookbag, or the place where they do their homework in your house. 

    Q- Do you accept donations? 

    We do accept books in good condition and that seems appropriate for elementary school, but please be aware that the books may or may not be able to be used. Please contact the media center before bringing in any donations. There are times in the year when we will not accept books.